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Manage your whole activity in one click

Between subscriptions, product sales and the management of the classes, you don't have a minute to yourself. Enjoy our technology to spend more time with your students.

Track your subscriptions

Take a quick look at your subscriptions

  • Application and membership fees
  • Event management
  • Multiple pause
  • Change of pass and price
  • SEPA and credit card reimbursement

Are you using multiple tools ?

Take advantage of our integrated marketing and forget about your newsletter software. A user-friendly editing tool for professional emails in a few clicks.

Management of group classes

Waiting list, reservation validation, follow-up of subscriptions and exchanges, invoicing. Manage your session at a glance.

Management of private classes

Define in one click your services and the availability of your teachers.

Rental of rooms

Optimize your rooms and costs by allowing free reservation of your rooms.

Optimization of resources

Manage the maximum capacity of your rooms as well as the number of appointments your teachers can attend to at the same time.

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