Yoga Studio

Developed by and for you

Yoga studios are the 1st users of our solution. Our platform is perfectly adapted to your needs: group classes, workshops, private classes, marketing and now online videos and Video on demand. Discover our comprehensive tool to reach your goals

Your activity at a glance

Our customized planning system allows you to manage your activity at a glance.

Automated Online Classes

Don't waste any more time sending an email to your students to log in. Let your tool take over.

Management of group classes

Waiting list, reservation validation, follow-up of subscriptions and exchanges, invoicing. Manage your session at a glance.

Management of private classes

Define in one click your services and the availability of your teachers.

Rental of rooms

Optimize your rooms and costs by allowing free reservation of your rooms.

Optimization of resources

Manage the maximum capacity of your rooms as well as the number of appointments your teachers can attend to at the same time.

A branded experience

Discover your branded platform and app.
You are bsport.

Target and Track Your Campaigns

In addition to creating professional emails, create your smart lists and track your mailings.

  • Smartlist of subscribers
  • Smartlist of VIP customers
  • Smartlist of dropouts
  • Smartlist by frequency of use
  • Create your custom lists

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Digitize your studio's activity with the latest technology

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Developed by and for you

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Pole Dancing

Centralize your whole activity

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Manage your whole activity in one click

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Improve your customer retention and diversify your activity

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Manage your whole activity in one click

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Bootcamp / HIIT

A branded experience for your community

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