Group Classes and appointments

Manage your entire business on a single platform

Your schedule is complex and we know that. This is why we developed a resource intelligent system to dynamically manage : group classes, appointments, room rentals and private lessons while optimizing the management of your resources (Rooms and Teachers).

Your activity at a glance

Our customized planning system allows you to manage your activity at a glance.

Management of group classes

Manage your session at a glance with tools for : waiting list, reservation validation, subscriptions/exchanges & invoicing

Management of private classes

Define the services the services you would like to offer and the availability of your teachers, in afew clicks.

Rental of rooms

Optimize your rooms and costs by allowing automated room reservation

Optimization of resources

Manage your max room capacity along with max appointments your teachers can attend to at the same time

Setting up an autonomous appointment s

Set up the appointment making process for your students so they can do so freely.

  • Choice of service
  • Choice of the teacher/Appointed teacher
  • Choice of the room/Appointed room
  • Classes at home

A branded experience

Discover your branded platform and app.
You are bsport.

A team close to you

We are more than a tool, we are a true partner. Marketing campaigns, pricing and development strategy, … : our teams are at your side to support you.

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