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The best equipment for VOD

The best equipment for VOD

Video on demand is the hot trend for your yoga studio. VOD exploded during the last lockdown. Many studios and independent coaches started offering VOD content. Most of them even followed the best guide on VOD. VOD is also very interesting in order to prepare the reopening of your studio coming soon (we hope).

You want to start VOD for your studio? You are on the right track! In this article we help you to choose your equipment for a successful use of the VOD.



  • Why launching VOD?
  • Camera for quality VOD
  • Which microphone to optimize your VOD?
  • Other useful accessories
  • Which platform to broadcast your VOD content?

Why launching VOD?

VOD offers many opportunities. It’s a way to offer more content. Indeed, if you offer videos in addition to your usual courses, your students and other potential customers will be inclined to consume more content. Also, if you make online courses, it is easy to record them and present them as a replay. VOD can be very interesting for people who have not been able to access your course. Students who were unable to access your last yoga class will be very interested in being able to catch up with it. Also a very important thing to remember: VOD encourages your clients to consume the end of their credits. This way, their class cards will be sold out and ready to resume classes when your studio reopens for business.

Now, what equipment do you need to make a quality VOD?

You can also call upon a film crew. You are not obliged to buy new equipment. However, if you wish to make your own videos, we offer you a list of accessories that are essential to make VOD.

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Camera for quality VOD

To propose VOD, the main accessory is a camera. Indeed, if you don’t have the possibility to film yourself, you won’t have the VOD! You have several options regarding the accessory to film your content.

You can use the accessory camera you may have. For example, you can use the webcam of your computer. Most computers have a webcam, so you can record your course directly with it. However, quality will not be guaranteed. Also, the field of view of the camera will be restricted.

Using the camera on your phone is one solution. Most of you already have a smartphone so you can use it to film your sessions. Use a special smartphone tripod for more stability.

However, if you want to ensure maximum quality for the video of your content, invest in a camera or camcorder.

For cameras, you can invest in a camera that best fits your budget (take advantage of Christmas promotions). Most of our partners recommend the Lumix camera or a Canon camera which are mid-range. You can always get higher priced cameras if you wish.

You also have the possibility to take real cameras although a camera will do the trick, like this all inclusive camera from Tiang.

Basically, any camcorder will do the trick.


Which microphone to optimize your VOD?

Now that you have the answers for the camera, what about the sound? You’re probably going to need a microphone. If you want to guide your students, give them instructions, motivate them, etc., you’ll need a microphone. The built-in microphone of the device you are going to use for filming may be enough.

However, to get quality audio, investing in a microphone seems to be a must.

You may also decide to put on music and not offer audio.

There are different types of microphones you can use for your videos:

  • Microphone attached to a camera
  • Tie microphone
  • Case or static microphone

For the microphone attached to a camera, we recommend the Røde brand.

Widely used to associate a microphone on a camera, with this model for example.

You can use a tie microphone attached to you during your session. This guarantees a sound close to you and practical. You have the choice to use a traditional tie mike like this one. But you can also take a headset.

One of the last possibilities is to leave a microphone in the room or use a microphone box. Indeed, you can buy a traditional static microphone.


Other accessories to perfect the content of your videos?

You have the essentials with which to film and record audio. However you can increase the quality of your videos with different accessories such as:

  • Light projector
  • Neon
  • Plants, decorations
  • Tripod

These accessories are not necessary but can greatly increase the quality of your video. Whether it is for better framing, better lighting or to improve the ambience/decor.


Which platform to broadcast your VOD content?

Now that you have everything you need to offer quality content, what is the best VOD platform?

You can post on platforms such as IGTV, Vimeo or Youtube. Read this article for more details about choosing a VOD platform.

The best platform to broadcast your VOD? Bsport. Bsport is the platform that takes you to the next level with VOD. Monetize your VOD content with specific credits, lesson cards and unique viewing. Easily accessible data on your video library. On top of that, bsport is the all-in-one platform for marketing, management & online courses for fitness stores and yoga studios. Would you like to know more?

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The VOD is the opportunity to launch the reopening of the sports halls and studios. Take advantage of this tool to diversify your content. With our guide, you now know which are the best accessories to offer quality VOD.

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