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How to teach your yoga classes online with Zoom?

How to teach your yoga classes online with Zoom?

In this article, you will learn how to use the Zoom tool to give your yoga classes online with Zoom.

Summary :

1. How to use Zoom to give your yoga classes?
2. The management and marketing software for bsport yoga studios helps you to manage your videoconferences.
3. Why continue the online courses?

How can I use Zoom to give my yoga classes?

The Zoom application may seem difficult to use. Let us give you some keys to make your online yoga classes easier!

1st step: Register or log in

Start by opening the application (on your computer, phone or tablet). You must have downloaded it beforehand (available on the AppStore and GooglePlay).

If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, click on the button at the bottom left to register. Otherwise, log in.


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Step 2: Generate and share the meeting link

To generate the link of your session, you have two possibilities.

Go to your profile and copy the video conference link as below.
To generate a new link, click on the “New meeting” button. Once connected to Zoom, go to the i in the top left corner and copy the URL.

You can now share the link with your students who will then be able to participate in your online yoga classes!

Online class Zoom Yoga

You are now ready to give your yoga classes online thanks to Zoom!

The marketing and management software for yoga studios, bsport, helps you to manage your video conferences.

At bsport, we have set up at our expense an easy-to-use video conferencing platform on our management and marketing software for yoga studios. However, you can also choose to use your own videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Whereby, …). The choice is yours! And whatever the decision, we will be there to guide and help you.

In addition, bsport helps you to automatically share your videoconferencing links such as Zoom, Whereby, GoogleMeet, etc.  with your students to save time. No more need to collect individual email addresses of participants. With the bsport platform, you can directly register the link to the online yoga class and it will be automatically shared with your registered students. Our all-in-one marketing and management software does it for you, so let us take over!

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Why continue with online yoga classes?

The current health situation is uncertain. You need to adapt your activity to todays circumstances! One would think that the demand for online yoga classes is about to disappear. And yet, not at all! Of course, many people prefer to return to a yoga studio to resume face-to-face classes, enjoy the atmosphere and the expertise of the live teachers. But others, still stuck at home for various reasons (teleworking, supervising the children’s teaching, …) or simply seduced by the ease, accessibility and comfort of online classes, wish to continue in this digital way.

Offering this type of digital services is a real plus for a yoga studio. In addition to online classes on Zoom, Whereby or GoogleMeet, don’t hesitate to offer a Video on Demand service which is very popular today. This digital video-on-demand offer is integrated into our bsport platform. Indeed, our management and marketing software for yoga studios allows you to create your content and monetise it. Another article is dedicated to this. Feel free to have a look at it.

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