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Our best tips before reopening your studio

Our best tips before reopening your studio

This article gives you the keys to prepare for the re opening of sports halls and studios.

The re opening of the yoga studios and other gyms is not clearly scheduled yet, but will be between March and April. Indeed, since the second confinement, the activity in your studios is no longer allowed. For most of you, you have adapted by putting in place tips to manage the closure of the studios. It is never too late to get started! Check out the best guide for video on demand. Now, the final stretch before the final re opening of the sports establishments (hopefully).

Check out our best tips for a successful come back.

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  • Continuing the good practices of previous containment
  • Our 3 tips that guarantee you a successful start to the re-opening

Continue good practices from previous containment.

To ensure the best possible resumption on the D-Day, you may continue the content implemented during previous lockdowns. You can continue to implement online courses. They can be in addition to the physical courses, separate courses or even during a physical course with an online access. This will allow you to teach to more students and thus increase your income. A type of online course that has been very successful? Online meditation courses. Also, you can continue to expand your video-on-demand offering. Propose video formats to suit your needs.

Our Tip #1: Sell your students’ lesson cards before the re opening.

Here are our best tips to ensure you have a good come back. The reopening of the sports and yoga halls is scheduled very soon. Your goal before the re opening is to have your students’ class cards used up. We advise you to implement the following strategies:

  • Offer workshops
  • Promotion on your content before the re opening
  • Conversion from credit to down payment

Offer workshops

Put on sale workshops that will start after the re opening and promote them. This is a strategy that ensures significant revenue, students and sessions. If you start the new season in the form of workshops you can attract new customers and build loyalty to your former students.

You can promote these workshops on your social networks. Set up promotional strategies on Instagram for example. Find our 5 marketing tips for yoga studios.

You can also promote the workshops on your website. Allow a special space on your website for the workshops. Our favorite is Yoga with you Bordeaux. Click here to find out why.


Promotion on your content

Making promo codes on your content before the re opening date is essential. Incite content consumption for your regular customers and generate interest from other fans who are not yet members. You can break prices, make specific promotion codes for regular customers, packs, discounts on your VOD content… Making a promotion on your content can only be beneficial for you!

Your regular customers can consume their lesson cards and will be encouraged to take a new lesson when they come back. Non-customer followers may also be interested. You are a winner in EVERY case!

Conversion from credit to deposit

Our latest strategy to ensure a good recovery when reopening sports halls and studios is to convert your students’ remaining credits into a down payment. This will give them an incentive to consume your content, products and more at the re opening. They will be delighted to have access to your content at “discounted prices”.

Refine these strategies with a platform that will answer all your needs.

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