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5 tips for your online yoga classes

5 tips for your online yoga classes

Discover in this article 5 tips for your online classes (yoga, dance, crossfit, fitness, …): room and tool choice, equipment positioning, scheduling and communication.

Finding the right room and the ideal backdrop

Before you start your online courses, you need to choose the right room and background. The ideal room for filming your online yoga (or dance, fitness and crossfit) classes is bright and quiet. Also, make sure you can close the room door to avoid interruptions and noise. In addition, although natural light is desirable, if your windows look out onto a busy road, traffic could disrupt your class. The choice of your room is therefore of paramount importance.

In addition to the room, you must choose the background for your online course. Choose one that is as neutral as possible so as not to distract your students. Indeed, less is more. However, you can add plants, candles and lights to influence the atmosphere of your room. This way you can personalize your online lessons.

Cours de yoga en ligne

Positioning your equipment

To be able to film your yoga, dance, fitness or crossfit online class correctly, your equipment must be positioned correctly. Whether it’s a computer, a tablet or even a telephone, you need to position your equipment at a specific distance and height. Indeed, your students will want to see your whole body whatever your position (lying down, sitting, standing). So it’s a matter of thinking about the exercises and postures you want to show.

Give your lessons with the right platform

Un autre aspect essentiel est le choix de l’outil pour vos cours en ligne. Vous avez le choix entre de multiples outils différents : Zoom, Whereby, GoogleMeet… Nous avons consacré tout un article à la programmation d’un cours en ligne grâce à Zoom. N’hésitez pas à y jeter un œil !

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Share practical information before each lesson

You need to share practical information before each class: the videoconference link, the duration,… Our management and marketing software for yoga studios, dance schools, bootcamps and fitness shops supports you in this process. Indeed, you can insert the videoconference link of your course in the course description. The link is then automatically sent to all the participants of your course 15 minutes before it starts. Make your life easier with bsport!

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Communicate to attract more students

Last but not least: communicate about your online courses to attract more students. To do this, use your social networks (facebook, instagram, …). Nowadays, social networks make it possible to attract new students and retain existing ones.

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