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VOD Guide: Our Video on demand guide for your yoga studio

VOD Guide: Our Video on demand guide for your yoga studio

In this article, find our best tips on how to effectively launch Video on Demand for your yoga studio.

With lockdown, it is essential to adapt its content and opt for digitalisation of your activity. Indeed, the way in which you offer your courses must be reviewed. For most people, it is no longer possible to give courses in your studios. Therefore, your content must be digitised.

There are several options for this, as we saw in our last article on online evening meditation courses. Offering online courses is now a necessity. But there is an additional solution for your activity, which is working very well at the moment and the students are fond of it: Video on Demand. This is the best option for lockdown. Offer consumable content at any time.

However, many questions can be asked about VOD. How to start? How can I monetise my content? What software should I use? Fortunately, at the end of this article you will know everything you need to get started!

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  • What is VOD ?
  • Why is it necessary to offer VOD for your yoga studio ?
  • The softwares to get started on VOD
  • The platforms to broadcast your videos: IGTV,Tik Tok, Youtube
  • bsport: best VOD platform

What is VOD ?

Video on demand is the concept of offering content in the form of pre-recorded video. It is not live video.

Many platforms use this model, you are probably subscribed to a video platform. The best known are Netflix, Amazon Prime or OCS. A VOD platform that will soon be launched in the field of sports: Fitness+ from Apple. The advantages of Video on Demand are that you can watch videos whenever you want, without time limitations. For example: offer your classes in replay or a series of tutorials on meditation.

Why is it necessary to offer VOD for your yoga studio ?

This is the perfect opportunity for yoga studios to get into Video on Demand.

Indeed, everyone is confined! So they have time to watch and practice sports on your pre-recorded videos. If they are busy during your live sessions, they can catch up with a replay.

Also, the VOD model works very well for a ‘post-confinement’ situation. Your students who are at work or busy during your face-to-face classes will be delighted to be able to practice at home and be up to date for the next session. Some students only practice via video on demand.

VOD studio yoga

The softwares to get started on VOD

Video on Demand necessarily implies software. But what software is essential to offer your content in VOD?

There are several softwares you will need, and most of them are already integrated into your devices and are free!

If you want to offer replays of your online sessions, you will need video conferencing software. Not sure which one to choose? Check out our article where we guide you on which software to choose. If you already offer online courses, make sure you have software that allows you to record the call. Many people use Zoom, which offers the possibility of recording the live session. Many have followed our advice on how to manage their course on Zoom, read our article by clicking here.

If you want to film videos in order to offer your content as a video, you will need several elements. The first one is enough to record a video. You probably have a phone, a camera, the webcam on your computer. You can also call on a filming crew if you want quality content.

After recording the video, you will need to edit the videos shot. You will need video editing software for this. For Mac users, there is iMovie, which is provided with your computer. It will allow you to edit the video and make any adjustments such as sound, transitions and so on. For Windows users, the equivalent is Windows Movie Maker. Both are free and do their job very well. However, there are other free or paid alternatives. Very well known softwares like Adobe Première Pro, Final Cut Pro X and many others!

The last step to get your video ready to send is compression! Your videos will have a significant size, this can slow down the upload of your video. The ideal is to compress your videos. On most video softwares, it is possible to compress your videos. However, there are solutions such as Clideo, Wondershare or Clipchamp.

The platforms to broadcast your videos: IGTV,Tik Tok, Youtube

Your videos are ready for VOD, the content of your yoga studio can expand! But where to post the videos?

You can post on several platforms or social networks. For shorter formats, videos can be posted on platforms such as IGTV or Tik Tok. Your videos up to 60 seconds long can go on Tik Tok.

You must surely have heard about this platform! Nevertheless, it attracts young people, not necessarily your clientele, but it can bring fresh blood into your studio! Another alternative is to use Instagram’s integrated long format video platform: IGTV. Indeed, you can post short format videos on your Instagram.

The videos can be viewed on your studio’s Instagram profile or in other Instagram channels! Promotion post and also your clients can find them directly on their news feed.

For longer formats you can opt for YouTube. Indeed, Google’s video platform can be a good platform to post your videos. You can create a YouTube channel for your studio, so that you can offer your content on it.

The problem with both of these methods is that access to your videos is neither limited nor monetizable. Anyone can access the different videos. So if you post a replay of a lesson, students who have paid for it may be frustrated. In addition, your videos will have little or no monetisation potential.

VOD studio yoga

The best solution: bsport

What if it was possible to have it all in one platform? bsport provides you with a monetisable Video on Demand tool. Give access to your videos only to customers who have paid. Create video playlists, analyse performance, create limited access and much more. Create YOUR unique Video on Demand platform.

Use other acquisition channels such as IGTV, Tik Tok and others to promote your videos. Encourage your students to consume new and exclusive videos. Monetize your content. Boost your business.

In addition to VOD, bsport is the all-in-one platform that allows you to manage marketing, bookings, invoices and much more. Take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art tools to grow your business.

Video on Demand is the golden opportunity for yoga studios. In these times of uncertain health conditions, it is important to digitise one’s activity. Record your classes online, offer series of tutorials and much more. Take advantage of VOD as a lever to boost your activity.

Want to find out why bsport is essential for your business? Plan a free presentation of the platform. Click on the button below: click here !

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