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VOD: your best asset for the reopening of your studio

VOD: your best asset for the reopening of your studio

In this article find out why VOD is the best option to ensure a successful re-opening of your yoga studio.

Video on demand worked extremely well during the last lockdown. Gyms are starting to re-open in some countries, and other government are planning a re-opening very soon. The #1 benefit of VOD before reopening is to burn off the remaining credits of your students. It allows you to offer rich and varied content in addition to your established activities.

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This article gives you the best advice about VOD for the reopening of gyms and yoga studios.

Summary of the article:

  • Encouraging the consumption of student’s class cards
  • What kind of videos to offer?
  • Which format?
  • Which platform?

Encourage the consumption of students’ lesson cards.

VOD is the best way to get your students to use up their remaining credits before the physics retake. Encourage your students to consume the remaining credits of the pass they still have on the available videos. With empty credits lesson’s cards they will be able to come and consume your content at the reopening.


What type of video to offer?

You have a lot of different types of videos to offer, depending on your activity. Adapt your videos to your core business. If you are a yoga studio you can offer classes on yoga in general and the disciplines you teach.

Also, propose replays of your classes or segment your class into several parts. It depends on which platform you use for your online classes. For example, it is possible to record your classes with Zoom. In an online course, record your session. This way you can offer it to the students who have participated to the course. Students who did not attend the course can also use their credits for course replays.


Which format?

You have the possibility to make several formats for your videos on demand.

You can make short video formats from 10 to 30 minutes. In this format, prefer videos of introduction to a discipline, stretching or short meditation session for example. Think about making tutorials for poses or others.

Then there is the long format. In these videos of 30 to 1 hour, propose real sessions. Pre-recording a session or replaying a class works very well. In these videos, go into more detail.

For all formats, please adapt. Choose the format that best suits your activity. Also think about the different levels: beginner, intermediate, etc.


Which platform?

Once you have your video content, you have to choose a platform. You can choose platforms like Vimeo, YouTube or IGTV. YouTube is the best known platform but your content will be public. IGTV can be interesting to promote your studio on Instagram. However with these platforms you can neither monetize your content nor spend the remaining credits.

The best platform for VOD: bsport. You can assign credits to your videos, a playlist and recommendation system. Analyze the performance of your videos with data at your fingertips. A user-friendly interface for the consumer!

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Video on demand is perfect in order to asses a good start for the incoming re-opening. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your content. VOD allows you to encourage your customers to pay out their remaining credits before the reopening coming soon. Think about the type and format of videos you can offer. Also, the choice of platform is crucial.

Prepare your re-opening season with the bsport platform. bsport is THE all-in-one platform for marketing, management, online courses & VOD. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art and easy-to-use tools. Want to know more? Take advantage of a free presentation of our platform by one of our experts! click here !

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