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What is the best platform to livestream your yoga classes

What is the best platform to livestream your yoga classes

Do you want to launch online yoga classes and don’t know which platform to choose? This article is for you! In these times of uncertain health conditions, it is important to go digital in order to adapt. We need to move to online content.

You have your online classes, you have your students, but you haven’t chosen the platform yet! Which platform to choose? You will be able to make this choice at the end of the article.

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  • Zoom: the best platform for online yoga classes?
  • Google Meet: the best alternative to Zoom?
  • Whereby, the easiest platform to use?
  • Skype, always up to date?

Zoom: the best platform for online yoga classes?

With all the events of 2020 it’s hard to ignore Zoom. Zoom is the best known video conferencing platform. The outbreak of Zoom is due to COVID and when the world was in lockdown.

The platform was a great success thanks to its ease of use. You can create an appointment in just a few steps. For the organisation of your sessions, all you have to do is share the link of your session with your students. Students don’t need to be registered on Zoom, as they can connect directly to a browser. Zoom is one of the most recommended software for online yoga classes. To find all our advice on how to manage your online yoga class with Zoom click here

Zoom‘s only limitation: after 40 minutes, the videoconference call ends if you don’t pay a subscription.

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Google Meet: the best alternative to Zoom?

Google Meet is part of Google’s “G Suite”. Google Meet is the videoconferencing platform of the American giant Google and was available for a fee until last April. Originally a paying platform, Google decided to make it available to everyone in order to be able to compete with Zoom.

Google Meet is an option for your online yoga classes. The platform is very intuitive and can accommodate up to 100 students for up to 24 hours. Meet integrates very well with Google tools such as Gmail and Calendar. If you do not have a Gmail account, you cannot use the platform.

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cours en ligne plateforme yoga

Whereby, the easiest platform to use?

Whereby is another alternative that exists as video conferencing software. Whereby has triumphed thanks to its unique design and ease of use. To use the platform nothing could be simpler, as there is no need for an application or download, as everything is done directly on your browser.

Your online yoga class can be organised on Whereby. More adapted to the business world, you can very well triumph by its ease, no direct application on the internet. The only drawback is that the mobile application is less intuitive than the computer-based version.

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Skype, always up to date?

How can we talk about videoconferencing platform and not mention Skype? Created in 2003, it is the pioneering platform in videoconferencing. It was bought by Microsoft in 2011 and is now integrated directly into Windows connected devices.

The advantage of Skype is that everyone knows the American platform. Indeed, it has a great reputation and your students will surely know the platform.

But is it really suitable for online yoga classes? The platform is pioneering, but has had to adapt lately to keep up with its competitors. It is less intuitive than other platforms listed in this article. Therefore, it requires to be installed and to create an account.

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Regardless of the platform, the most important thing is digitalisation. Offer your yoga classes online. Zoom, Meet, Whereby or even Skype each have interesting advantages. They are all suitable for broadcasting your sessions online. Take the software you are most comfortable with. Also ask your students if they have any preferences for one tool or another. You can also find all our tips for managing your online yoga class: read the article

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