Digitize your activity

Increase your revenue by monetizing your online content.

During this crisis, you have used your imagination to keep your business going. Take advantage of bsport technology to go even further and save some time.

Automated Online Classes

Don't waste any more time sending an email to your students to log in. Let your tool take over.

Monetize your digital content with ease

These difficult times have led to the finding of new ways to carry on business. Live classes, video on demand, follow-up program : discover the bsport technology, which will enable you to make all your ideas come true.

A branded experience

Discover your branded platform and app.
You are bsport.

Live Classes

Avoid administrative tasks and let bsport take over. Use your own video conferencing system or benefit from our integrated one.

Video on demand

Promote your content and monetize it according to your ambitions.

Follow-up Program

Offer comprehensive programs that combine online meetings and sessions in the studio to strengthen your community.

A team close to you

Nous sommes plus qu’un outil, nous sommes un véritable partenaire. Campagnes marketing, stratégie de prix et de développement, nos équipes sont à vos côtés pour vous accompagner.

Passez à l'action

We are more than a tool, we are a true partner. Marketing campaigns, pricing and development strategy, … : our teams are at your side to support you.

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