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15 Top Fitness Blogs You Need to Follow

In today's digital age, where health and fitness have become a top priority for many individuals, fitness blogs have emerged as a valuable source of information and inspiration. These online platforms offer a wealth of expert advice, workout routines, nutrition tips, and much more, making it easier than ever to access the resources needed to achieve your fitness goals.


The popularity of fitness blogs can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, they provide a convenient and accessible way to access fitness-related information. Whether you're a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey or an experienced athlete seeking new challenges, fitness blogs offer a wide range of content tailored to different fitness levels and goals. From step-by-step workout videos to detailed nutrition guides, these blogs provide the tools necessary to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.


One of the greatest benefits of following fitness blogs is the opportunity to gain inspiration and motivation. Reading about the success stories of others who have achieved their fitness goals can be incredibly empowering and can help you stay focused on your own journey. Additionally, many fitness bloggers share their own personal experiences and struggles, making their content relatable and encouraging. Whether you're looking for tips on overcoming obstacles or simply need a boost of motivation, fitness blogs can provide the support and encouragement you need to stay on track.


Another key advantage of fitness blogs is the ability to stay up to date with the latest trends and research in the fitness industry. Many bloggers collaborate with experts in the field, ensuring that their content is evidence-based and backed by scientific research. This means that you can trust the information provided and make informed decisions about your fitness routine and lifestyle.


With countless blogs available online, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones to follow. To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the top 15 fitness blogs, specialising in a variety of fitness topics, that you should definitely check out.


1. Mind Body Green

What you can expect: Information from industry experts focusing on mindfulness, health, food, relationships and lifestyle.


Mind Body Green is a wellness-focused blog that covers a variety of topics, including fitness, nutrition, mental health, and self-care. The blog is run by Jason and Colleen Wachob. Jason is the author of Wellth and has featured in the New York Times and Entrepreneur, while Colleen is a Stanford University graduate who has worked at Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and Amazon.

They provide articles, expert interviews, and practical tips for living a healthy and balanced life. Whether you're looking for workout ideas, healthy recipes, or mindfulness practices, Mind Body Green has you covered.


2. Nerd Fitness

What you can expect: Content backed by scientific studies with advice ranging from strength training and weight lifting to nutrition guides and home workouts, this blog is suitable for fitness enthusiasts of any level.


For those who prefer a nerdy twist to their fitness journey, Nerd Fitness is the perfect blog to follow. Steve Kamb (founder and author of “Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story”) combines fitness advice with pop culture references, making it both entertaining and informative.

From superhero-inspired workouts to tips on healthy eating, Nerd Fitness caters to geeks and fitness enthusiasts alike.


3. Girls Gone Strong

What you can expect: Free health coaching and fitness resources to help you stay healthy.


Girls Gone Strong was founded in 2011 and specifically focuses on empowering women in their fitness journey. With a team of expert female coaches, they provide evidence-based training tips, nutrition advice, and inspiring stories of women achieving their fitness goals.

Co-founder Mally Galbraith is also the author of “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up” and her fitness blog has been featured by John Hopkins, Yale, and ABC to name a few.


4. MyFitnessPal

What you can expect: Comprehensive information and tools to support your health and wellness journey.


Founded in 2005, MyFitnessPal is an extremely popular fitness app that also offers a blog with a wealth of fitness and nutrition information. Ranked #1 on the Apple App Store in the Health & Fitness category, MyFitnessPal provides articles on topics such as weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise tips.

With their user-friendly interface and extensive database, MyFitnessPal is a go-to resource for tracking your fitness progress and staying motivated.


5. Well+Good

What you can expect: A free library of health and wellness information, focusing on topics including fitness, relationships, skincare and nutrition.


Well+Good was founded by Alexia Brue and Melissa Gelula, who also run The Well+Good Podcast, featuring a number of conversations with experts and celebrities about fitness.

Well+Good has been a leading workout blog for more than 10 years so you can count on it as a reliable source of information.


6. Breaking Muscle

What you can expect: Reviews of trending fitness products, nutrition advice, training workouts backed by science.


Breaking Muscle is a blog that focuses on strength and conditioning, functional fitness, and overall athletic performance. Known as an authority source within the industry, they provide expert articles, workout programs, and training tips for athletes of all levels.

Whether you're a trainer or a consumer, Breaking Muscle divides its content based on your needs, with a real focus on building muscle.


7. Fit Bottomed Girls

What you can expect: A fresh approach to health and fitness without dieting.


Started by Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour in 2011, Fit Bottomed Girls is a blog that focuses on promoting body positivity, self-love, and a balanced approach to fitness. They provide workout ideas, healthy recipes, and personal stories from women who are on their own fitness journeys.

Fit Bottomed Girls is a supportive and inclusive community that encourages women to embrace their bodies and prioritise their well-being. They have now also branched out into Fit Bottomed Mammas, Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast and launched their online course, Love Your Body.


8. Runtastic

What you can expect: A great source for information on nutrition, weight loss and running for beginners and for advanced runners.


Runtastic was founded in 2009 by the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, Adidas. The blog has loads of useful fitness content for you to read, with advice on topics such as healthy living, muscle building and running tips.

This blog was designed to help people at any level of their fitness journey to improve their workouts and performance.


9. Black Belt Magazine

What you can expect: Advice for any martial arts enthusiast, featuring disciplines such as jiu jitsu, kickboxing and karate.


Black Belt Magazine was founded by Mitoshi Uyehara (a martial artist and friend of martial arts legend Bruce Lee) in 1961. Today, it is an online platform with blog posts multiple times per week with training tips for each discipline and discussions on popular martial artists.

This blog is useful for beginners who are interested in taking up martial arts, those who watch martial arts and experienced martial artists.


10. Kayla Itsines

What you can expect: Advice related to HIIT, strength, pilates, yoga and more.


Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer and author with over 16 million Instagram followers and co-founded Sweat with Kayla, one of the largest female fitness communities in the world.

Kayla Itsines publishes a variety of content including education, exercises, lifestyle posts and recipes.


11. The Lean Green Bean

What you can expect: Practical and accessible tips to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into your daily life.


The Lean Green Bean, created by Lindsay Livingston, focuses on healthy eating and fitness for a balanced lifestyle. Lindsay shares nutritious recipes, meal planning tips, and fitness challenges to help readers make positive changes in their lives.

With her practical approach and delicious recipes, The Lean Green Bean is a blog that promotes sustainable and enjoyable healthy habits.


12. Fitness Blender

What you can expect: Free workout videos and information on building a healthy lifestyle.


Fitness Blender was created in 2010 by Daniel and Kelli Segars. Their goal was to make fitness accessible to everyone, of all fitness levels and any budget. Fitness Blender features a wide range of workout videos that are suitable for the gym or to do at home. These workouts include cardio, yoga, pilates and strength training and can be modified based on your fitness level.

Fitness Blender is the perfect blog for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, regardless of budget or experience.


13. Jessi Kneeland

What you can expect: Strategies to overcome body insecurities, guidance on intuitive eating, or exercises to build strength and mobility.


Jessi Kneeland is a body image coach, personal trainer, and author who focuses on promoting body positivity and self-acceptance. Her blog provides insightful articles and practical tips for developing a healthy relationship with your body and improving body confidence.

Jessi's content encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and prioritize their mental and emotional well-being in their fitness journey, offering a refreshing perspective on fitness and self-care.


14. Fit Foodie Finds

What you can expect: Creative, flavorful recipes that align with your health and wellness goals. Lee Hersh created Fit Foodie Finds, with an Instagram page that has attracted over 280k followers. Lee combines delicious recipes with fitness and wellness tips.

Fit Foodie Finds offers a wide range of nutritious recipes, from breakfast to dessert, along with workout ideas and advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


15. bsport

What you can expect: Up to date tips on growing your studio, key industry trends and life at a growing company.


Last but definitely not least, we have bsport’s own blog. Of course we had to include our blog where we consistently post about topics that will help you grow your studio and maximise efficiency. bsport provides an all in one solution for boutique fitness studios and you can follow our blog for free resources that will help your studio reach its potential.


With the abundance of fitness blogs available, it's essential to choose the ones that resonate with your goals and values. The top 15 fitness blogs mentioned above offer a diverse range of approaches to fitness and health. Whether you're looking for workout routines, nutrition guidance, mindfulness practices, or inspiration, these blogs are sure to provide the valuable insights and resources you need to stay on track with your fitness journey.


By following these top 15 fitness blogs, you will have a wealth of knowledge and support at your fingertips. Remember that the key to success in your fitness journey is consistency, so stay motivated, stay informed and keep pushing towards your fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting, these blogs have something valuable to offer on your path to improved health and fitness.