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8 Studios You Must Try in Dublin in 2024

Are you in Dublin and looking to kickstart your fitness journey, but don’t know where to look for a studio that will help you reach your goals? Or maybe you’re visiting the Irish capital and can’t resist getting a sweat on during your stay! Well you’re in luck because in this article we are going to give you a rundown of the 8 Studios You Must Try in Dublin!


Dublin's fitness scene offers a vibrant array of studios that cater to diverse fitness enthusiasts, ensuring there's something for everyone seeking an energising workout experience. Whether you're a yoga aficionado, a HIIT enthusiast, or someone seeking the zen of Pilates, Dublin boasts a wealth of top-notch fitness studios. From cutting-edge facilities to unique workout concepts, this city houses a dynamic range of fitness centres designed to meet various preferences and goals. Discover the best 8 fitness studios that Dublin has to offer, each promising an exhilarating journey toward better health and fitness.


1. Power Gym

Power Gym is a state of the art gym offering a luxurious experience to their members. With 4 locations in Ireland, 2 in Dublin, you should definitely consider checking out their facilities! Power Gym offers world-leading fitness classes for all levels, a gym floor with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a thermal suite where you can rest and recover after your session. Classes are usually 30-45 minutes in length, and they include Climb, Box, Run, Pedal and Poolside Flow. Power Gym also offers workshops throughout the year such as Wellness Days which are a great chance to unwind. So if you are looking for an amazing fitness experience in Dublin, be sure to check out their timetable here or book a day pass!


2. Echelon

Echelon is an indoor cycling studio based in Dublin City. The female-led studio was founded in September 2019 by registered nutritionist Carla Bredin. Echelon was set up to promote body acceptance and health at every size offering classes for any fitness level. They offer a range of spinning classes such as Pulse 45, Rhythm 45, Metrics 45 and more. Classes are usually (you guessed it) 45 minutes long so it is a great chance to get a sweat on in under an hour. If you want to squeeze in a spin session while you’re in Dublin, you can check out Echelon’s timetable here.


3. Elbowroom

Elbowroom is a Yoga and Pilates studio located in the heart of Stoneybatter, Dublin. With over two decades of experience in serving their community, Elbowroom’s mission is to provide members with the space to unwind, improve their strength and find their inner peace. Elbowroom tailors its classes to suit adults and caters for women during pregnancy as well as offering services for children. Their classes include Vinyasa Yoga, Mixed Ability Pilates, Pregnancy Yoga and Wind Down Yin Yoga. Elbowroom also offers a variety of yoga teacher training programmes. So be sure to check out Elbowroom whether you want to learn yoga or want to become a teacher.


4. F45

F45 offers functional group fitness classes every day of the week. With over 80 classes to choose from and over 5,000 movements, this is sure to make you feel the burn. With 8 studios around Dublin, you are never too far away from an intense workout. As the name suggests, all classes are 45 minutes in length, with a focus on full body circuits. F45 offers member challenges to keep you motivated and offers a fun, engaging training environment. F45 has locations all over the world, so even if you’re not in Dublin, you can check out an F45 near you.

5. The-Space Between

The-Space Between is a space designed to offer a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They prompt yoga, meditation, breathwork and movement. Their studio is divided into 2 spaces: HERE is filled with natural light; while NOW is a darker, contemplative space. The-Space Between can be found just a stone’s throw away from Trinity College Dublin. Their yoga classes include Vinyasa Flow, Stretch and Release, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and much more, and are usually approximately 1 hour long. If you can’t attend in person, they also have a digital offering which you can learn more about here.


6. Yogahub Dublin

Yogahub has a wide offering ranging from Yoga to Reformer Pilates on top of their teacher training and online classes. With 6 studios dotted around Dublin, you will never be too far from Yogahub. Their locations are found in Blackrock, Camden, Castleknock, Phibsboro, Smithfield and Swords. In total, Yogahub offers over 300 classes per week, suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced level. Yogahub also offers teacher training courses and online classes. So whether you're visiting Dublin or just looking for a new activity to try, be sure to consider Yogahub.


7. Straight Blast Gym

Straight Blast Gym (SBG) is a world renowned Mixed Martial Arts gym ever since Conor McGregor and his coach John Kavanagh rose to fame. Their main gym is located in Inchicore, Dublin, and you will often find famous faces coming to train in this gym as well as UFC stars such as Johnny Walker. SBG has affiliate gyms located throughout the country. They offer classes in MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and more. They also offer kids classes and frequently run courses for beginners. You can find their latest courses on their Instagram.


8. Yoga Dublin

The final studio we will spotlight is Yoga Dublin. With locations across Ranelagh, Dundrum and Rathmines, as well as online classes, they have plenty to offer. Yoga Dublin aims to create a wellness haven, combining traditional practices with modern methodologies. Their classes include Hot Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Expecting Mums and Yoga for New Mums. At Yoga Dublin, you have a range of options, from getting individual class passes to bundles for unlimited classes.


In the bustling city of Dublin, the fitness landscape is as diverse as its culture, offering an array of studios that cater to every fitness pursuit. From the serene spaces for mindful yoga practice to high-intensity workouts that push boundaries, these top 8 fitness studios stand as beacons of health and vitality. Each studio holds its unique essence, providing not just a workout but an experience that motivates, challenges, and inspires. Whether you're a local fitness enthusiast or a visitor seeking an invigorating workout while exploring Dublin, these studios beckon, promising not just fitness gains, but a holistic journey toward wellness. Embrace the spirit of Dublin's fitness community and discover the perfect studio that aligns with your goals, interests, and aspirations for a healthier lifestyle.


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