The future of your studio begins here.

Audience empowers you to engage and retain your members like never before. Say goodbye to disorganised campaigns and welcome a new era of strategic and impactful marketing with just a snap of your fingers.

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Member Re-Engagement

Revitalise your Community

Unlock the power of member’s re-engagement

Empower Connection

With Audience, you can create detailed member profiles and dynamic workflows. Now you can track any member’s interactions with your studio, empowering you to create strong connections with your members based on their specific needs.


Optimising Inactive Member Communications

Audience equips you to optimise marketing for disengaged members. Reignite connections, tailor messages to their needs, and boost their enthusiasm for your studio.

Encourage Return in a Thoughtful Manner

With Audience, invite members back thoughtfully, highlighting your studio's unique benefits through personalised invitations that resonate with their aspirations.

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Member Loyalty

Unleash Effortless Member Retention

Ensure that new members feel at home from their first visit to your studio


100% Personalised Outreach

Reach out to each member in a personalised manner with Audience. Remind them of their membership, with tailored communication that resonates with their individual journey. It's about forging a connection that goes beyond the ordinary.


Supercharge Studio Growth with Automated Multi-Channel Sequences

Audience takes your growth ambitions to new heights through automated multi-channel sequences. No more missed opportunities! Engage your members through the entirety of our marketing features, ensuring your studio remains top-of-mind.



Unleash the Power of your Data

The future of your business begins here, with powerful and centralised internal data


Centralised Data

Monitor and refine your strategies for heightened impact by analysing campaign data. Gain insights into member engagement, including entry and completion rates, and identify dropout points. This enables precise optimisation of every process step.


Grab Attention

Lead Management

Transform leads into loyal members


Interactive Discovery Sessions:

Offer leads the opportunity to experience your studio's community and services first-hand. Send custom communications about your variety of activities and entice them to sign up with welcome offers.


Tailored Lead Engagement

Execute communication efforts that go beyond personalisation to align strategically with each member's individual journey. Effortlessly engage newcomers after their first session, nurturing them towards becoming dedicated members.


Maximise Conversion Rates with Audience Campaigns

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