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How to train fitness studio staff to provide a premium experience to members

You know that feeling when you’ve left a fitness class and you feel really good? Like, amazing? It’s probably not only because your post-workout happy endorphins are flooding your body, but because of the lasting impression from the studio you just left. That premium customer experience is what sets great studios apart from mediocre ones, and turns members into brand ambassadors. The key to achieving this lies in the hands of your staff. From hiring the right teachers to fostering a welcoming community, every detail counts. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to train your fitness studio staff to ensure they provide an exceptional experience that keeps members coming back.


Hire the Right Teachers


The teachers will be the face of your studio, its bread and butter. Because you are offering a premium experience, the teachers should match that level of expertise.


Hire teachers with experience


You can always tell when a class is led by a professional, as experienced instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and a depth of understanding to their classes. They can tailor their teaching to suit the varying skill levels of members, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their workout. When hiring, prioritise candidates that have worked in similar studios to yours, and who have honed their craft through time or varying experiences that bring them knowledge and success with students.


Hire teachers that make sense for your studio


Every studio has a unique vibe, and your teachers should complement it. Whether your studio is known for its high-energy classes or a more zen, meditative environment, your instructors should embody and enhance that atmosphere. A cohesive vibe among the teaching staff helps create a consistent experience for members, making them feel more comfortable. The staff themselves will become a community, and it is essential that the teachers get along amongst themselves as well.


Hire a Diversity of Teachers


Diversity, especially in the fitness and wellness world, is increasingly important. Members are more likely to feel comfortable and welcomed when they see themselves represented in the instructors. This could mean hiring teachers with varying backgrounds in age, gender, and race to foster a more inclusive environment. Diversity offers varying perspectives which enhances the studio’s teaching approaches and offers more opportunity for members to feel connected.

Ensure staff take ownership of their classes


Even if you are the owner of the studio, each teacher will be the owner and leader of their class. Members will look to them for guidance, and they must be able to provide this.


Mastery over the subject


Whether they have perfected their pointed toes or consistently throw punches at the ideal speed, instructors must be experts in their disciplines. They should have a deep understanding of the techniques and principles they teach, allowing them to deliver high-quality instruction confidently. Mastery of their disciplines gives ethos to the studio and sets it apart as a place of skill.


Understand how the studio functions


No matter the instructor, members should expect some type of routine from your studio. This consistency will help strengthen your brand and best practices. Each studio has its own teaching methods and standards, and when hiring someone new, ensure they are well-versed in your studio’s specific approaches. This might include particular warm-up routines, the structure of classes, or unique terminologies.


Act as mentors


The teachers are the professionals, and even repeat members may have questions about the exercises and techniques they are learning. Your staff should be able to provide clear, knowledgeable answers. Sometimes clients may be shy to ask for help, and this is where good teachers step in and proactively offer help and tailored advice. This not only demonstrates their expertise but also shows clients that they are invested in their members, and want to see them succeed in their individual fitness endeavours.


Maintain the right attitude and stay positive


Happiness is contagious — and so is a bad attitude. No matter how members come into your studio, it should be your teacher’s mission to ensure they leave happy.


Excited and supportive is the name of the game


If your teachers aren’t having a good time, why should their students? Members come to your studio to improve their well-being. Your instructors should create an environment that is both exciting and supportive. Each teacher may demonstrate this in their own ways, whether it be words of encouragement, or smiling throughout class. Either way, teachers should maintain a positive demeanour which will provide a reason for members to return.


Treat members with respect


Fitness studios can be intimidating for some people, especially newcomers or people who feel they may not fit with a certain activity. It’s crucial for your staff to be considerate of all clients, regardless of their fitness levels. The teachers must create a safe space where members do not feel judged, but included and comfortable. Creating this space builds trust between your members and teachers.


Treat members as guests


Members are paying for a premium experience, and they should be treated accordingly. This means being attentive, courteous, and making them feel valued from the moment they step into your studio. A high level of customer service can set your studio apart and leave a lasting impression on members.


Be Present and Personal


Remember names and faces

One of the simplest yet most powerful ways to personalise the member experience is by remembering their names, especially the regulars. It shows people that they are more than just a number and that your staff genuinely cares about them.


Build a Community


When members feel like they are part of a community, they are more likely to become loyal members and in turn, brand ambassadors. Encourage your staff to foster a sense of community by engaging with them, hosting social events, and promoting interactions among members. At bsport we know how impactful referrals can be, which is why we have created a referral program to grow your business from within.


Understand needs and be adaptable


No two classes and not two members are the same, and their fitness journey should be treated as such. Train your staff to recognize and understand the individual needs and goals of members. By gaining a better understanding of needs, teachers can be flexible when needed, and offer a more personalised approach to classes based on the clientele. This ensures for an individualised experience which members will appreciate.


Stay Connected




Regular communication with members after they have left the class is one of the most important things to remember. Maintaining a connection outside of the studio keeps your studio fresh in the member’s mind, which will boost retention and engagement. Teachers and studio owners can utilise message marketing strategies for their studio. bsport’s software handles this seamlessly, with tailored emails, SMS, and push notifications targeted towards specific clients. This individualised messaging allows clients to see that studios know who they are and what they may be interested in.


Listen and Ask for Feedback

No teacher is perfect, and there is always room for growth. The best way to improve is by listening to your members. Encourage your staff to solicit feedback regularly and take it seriously. Whether it’s through surveys, suggestion boxes, or casual conversations, understanding what your members think and feel about their experience is invaluable. Acting on that feedback is a sure way to showcase how their opinions matter and you take feedback seriously. on the feedback to make necessary improvements and show members that their opinions matter.


Bringing your studio to the next level and offering that premium experience starts with the teachers. By hiring the right teachers, ensuring they take ownership, foster a positive and respectful atmosphere, and build a connected community, you can create an environment where members feel valued and motivated. Staff well trained in this way will create value for the attendees, who will certainly become a loyal member. Together, the right staff, dedicated mindset, and premium software such as bsport’s, you can elevate the member experience and set your studio apart in a competitive market.