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Advantages of Giving Yoga Classes Outdoors


Summer has arrived, which means it’s time to go outside and embrace the beauty that nature has to offer, while still enjoying your yoga class. Let’s jump in and explore the good reasons to practice yoga outside, whether it is for you or your clients.


Reconnect with nature

Smelling the fresh air on the beach, forest or any setting in nature is an experience that is hard to describe. It brings inner peace and awakens our senses. Practicing yoga outside brings calmness and allows us to feel reconnected with nature. Hearing, sight, touch, and smell are proven to be stimulated which allows some areas of the brain to be activated and thus to be deeply anchored in the environment.

Strengthen your self-confidence

Doing yoga in a new place, especially outdoors, will boost your members' confidence! Getting out of your comfort zone is important, but be sure to get them to feel confident from the beginning of the class so that it will be a success.

Fill up on vitamin D

Vitamin D has produced thanks to the exposure of our body to the sun. It contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and helps maintain a good concentration of calcium. So in addition to being fun, it helps to stay healthy!

Improved well-being

Coming home after a fun day exercising in nature, you will feel accomplished and motivated. Your members will feel much more relaxed after an outdoor session. They will see an improvement in their sleep as well as their mental well-being. Numerous studies have proven that exercising outdoors will reduce stress and improve our overall well-being!


Boosting awareness while practicing

Offering your yoga classes outside will allow you to obtain visibility and thus promote your studio. The platform allows you to organize marketing campaigns based on people you meet outdoors to attract the maximum number of people for your classes next time. Moreover, the spontaneity and the good mood of a class in a park will allow you to reinforce the bonds with your current community and thus improve the development of customer loyalty. Do not hesitate to start classes at the local parks, forests, beaches, or mountains!

Utilizing the best platform

Most platforms lock your studio into one set location per license. Bsport allows you to manage any location you choose. In no time you can modify the location as well as the teacher in charge of the course thanks to our dynamic calendars and mass edit options. Inform your members instantly of any change or any special offer thanks to our push notifications, SMS, or email options, or simply send tailored messages directly from the system, the choice is yours. Our platform will help you save time on a daily basis thanks to features like this.