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Seven Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing is meant to communicate time-sensitive offers to people who have consented to receive messages as such from your business. SMS is a simple, engaging, and effective way to communicate with your customers. Its vast reach is proving to be among the key tools for business success.

The majority of people read a text message within the first minutes of receiving it therefore implementing a strategy dedicated to SMS will have a critical role in communicating with customers. Since people are more attached to their mobile devices, targeting them through instant notifications is the most direct marketing technique.

Businesses use this marketing tool for purposes beyond selling. SMS is a great way to guarantee that your audience receives your messages. With more devices in hand, the effectiveness of SMS Marketing is rising. Notifying your employees about urgent changes, and sending out appointment reminders to your members both ensure effective communication and that your schedule doesn’t get thrown off.

If you’re considering complementing your email marketing strategy, this article will help you improve your communication to see some great results!


When communicating through text message, a rule to consider before planning your strategy is receiving your customers' permission. After opting into SMS, you can easily make sure your messages get delivered to your audience helping you achieve better real-time engagement than email or other channels.


Businesses attempt to connect with customers through various platforms. While email contains more long-form content, through SMS, you have a direct line to the customer.

Moreover, when communicating through text message, your members don't need to log in to their account. Receiving a text message is a minimal effort on your members’ part, making it the most effective marketing tool.


Using location-based demographics and reporting tools help in segmenting potential clients. Send targeted messages to the right customers. Avoid sending notifications with a general message to your members, instead, try personalizing your communication based on your customers’ behavioral patterns for achieving higher engagement.


Text messages are limited to 160 characters. Starting with an attention-grabbing promotion and adding phrases such as “10% OFF on our hit session VOD” will encourage your members to keep on reading and consider your offer.


By giving a specific date when a sale ends or putting an expiration date on a coupon, clients are more likely to act because you’ve given them enough information and incentive to take action.

Helps you focus on loyal clients

Dedicate extra time to approaching your loyal clients. They love your brand and are more likely to advertise your business to their friends and acquaintances. Use their knowledge to your advantage, and send them more in-depth surveys than you send to your bulk clients. Through this, your business will have a clear view of what steps to take to retain happy customers and increase the number of clients as such. As they're your company’s VIPs, treat them as such members. Reward their dedication with special offers and extra benefits.

Boosts your other channels

SMS is not only a great way to communicate on its own, but it is also an excellent tool to boost your other channels and avoid other channels being ignored. By using SMS for shorter messages and reminders instead of email, members are more inclined to open an important email when your studio does happen to send one out.

In Summary

Implementing a strategy dedicated to SMS marketing will help you stand out in the market. Defining your niche, investing in SMS-specific skilled professionals, and promoting your SMS campaign throughout your company’s media, will increase client engagement. Choosing software that suits such activities as B sport does will help you monitor your database, and provide accurate reports based on your members’ activity for you to leverage the power of SMS marketing.