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Boost Your Business Online Through Live Streaming and VOD

The Rise of Digital Fitness


In today's digital age, the fitness industry is thriving online, and fitness studios have a tremendous opportunity to expand their reach through live streaming and video on demand (VOD). One study shows that 87% of fitness app users prefer to use their app to guide their workout at home rather than going to the gym. This is in line with the busy lifestyle we live in today, so saving time on the commute to the gym and getting a sweat on at home has become preferable to many people.


Embracing technology can not only enhance your studio's visibility but also provide valuable benefits for your clients. Live streaming and VOD is an essential part of fitness apps as video content is the most effective way to engage your audience.


Let's explore how live streaming and VOD can elevate your fitness studio's online presence and contribute to business growth. Here’s 6 ways you can boost your business online through live streaming and VOD:


6 Ways You Can Boost Your Business Online Through Live Streaming and VOD


1. Connecting with a Wider Audience:

In the world of fitness, accessibility is key. Live streaming allows you to connect with a broader audience beyond the physical constraints of your studio. People from different locations or those unable to attend in person can participate in your classes in real time. By reaching a wider audience, you amplify your studio's impact and attract new clients.


2. Offering Flexibility with Video On Demand:

Not everyone can adhere to a fixed class schedule. VOD comes to the rescue by offering flexibility to your clients. They can access your pre-recorded classes whenever it suits their schedule. Whether it's early morning yoga or a late-night workout, VOD ensures your classes are available 24/7. This flexibility not only accommodates diverse lifestyles but also increases the perceived value of your services.


3. Creating Interactive Virtual Communities:

Live streaming fosters a sense of community by allowing real-time interaction. Clients can ask questions, receive instant feedback, and engage with instructors and fellow participants. Encourage virtual camaraderie through live chats, Q&A sessions, or even virtual challenges. Building an interactive community enhances the overall fitness experience, making clients more likely to stay committed to your studio.


4. Monetizing Your Digital Presence:

Live streaming and VOD open up new revenue streams for your fitness studio. Offer paid subscriptions for exclusive live classes, special events, or premium VOD content. Around 34% of people are willing to pay more for an exercise video on demand service. You can provide different subscription tiers to cater to varying client preferences. This not only generates additional income but also incentivizes clients to invest in your online offerings.


5. Leveraging Social Media Integration:

Take advantage of social media platforms to promote your live streaming sessions and VOD content. Share snippets, behind-the-scenes moments, and client success stories. Encourage clients to share their experiences online, creating a buzz around your studio. Social media integration enhances your online visibility and encourages user-generated content, contributing to a positive online reputation.


6. Providing Value with Educational Content:

Enhance your clients' fitness journey by supplementing classes with educational content. Create short tutorial videos, wellness tips, or nutritional advice. This additional value positions your studio as a holistic fitness resource, fostering client loyalty and encouraging them to actively participate in your online offerings.


Many studios have successfully pivoted to offer fitness content online as well as in person, giving their members the option whether to come to classes or attend them virtually. The flexibility leads to increased member satisfaction and reduced churn rates. So let’s take a look at some studios who have successfully integrated live streaming and VOD and how you can learn from their flexibility.


3 Successful Examples of Successful Digital Fitness Studios


1. Triyoga:

Another London based studio, with locations in Chelsea, Soho and Shoreditch, Triyoga is a popular yoga and pilates studio with a range of online and in-person classes. With a focus on excellent member experience, Triyoga not only offers fitness classes, but also a range of treatments and workshops as well as teacher training. Today, Triyoga offers live yoga and pilates classes, workshops and training and one-to-one therapies all online. Classes and appointments are available 7 days per week for members to attend via Zoom.


2. Barrecore:

With studios dotted around England, Barrecore is one of the country’s largest fitness franchises. Barrecore is a ballet inspired workout that requires using your own bodyweight as resistance. You can visit any of Barrecore’s 13 locations or you can sign up for their on demand classes. With a variety of membership packages for either a mixture of online and in person classes or fully digital memberships, you’re sure to find a class that fits your schedule at Barrecore!


3. Psycle London:

Psycle is a fitness studio based in London, offering a range of fitness classes: Ride, Barre, HIIT, Reformer and Yoga. Psycle offers all of these classes in person, but now also created ‘Psycle at Home’. Psycle at Home is a monthly subscription service offering unlimited online classes. Members can access live streaming and video on demand workouts so they can choose whether to join a class or get their workout done in their own time. Members can choose from live classes based on the Psycle schedule, or choose on demand classes, filtering their workout choice by workout, instructor and much more.


Our Top Tips for Hosting Online Classes

Now that you see the benefits online classes can have for your studio and how others have done it successfully, here’s some of our top tips for creating demand for your online offering and creating an engaged community.


1. Cultivate Accountability

Hold online members accountable, just as you would in person. Track check-ins and follow up through digital channels. You can create leaderboards and online challenges on your website to ensure members stay motivated and want to keep showing up to your classes.


2. Amplify Verbal Interaction

In the absence of immediate verbal feedback, talking more during online sessions is pivotal. Offer constant verbal encouragement to drive motivation. Talk through your movements as you go and provide verbal cues on how specific exercises should feel. Peloton instructors are a great example of verbal interaction—they engage users effectively, enhancing the fitness experience.


3. Conduct Thorough Set-Up Testing for Live Streaming

Before going live, it's crucial to rigorously test your set-up. A glitch-free fitness experience is key—imagine the member’s frustration if the connection drops mid-workout! You can test your connection beforehand with a friend or family member and ensure you will always be in shot throughout the class.


4. Personalise the Experience

Personalization is key across all touchpoints. From welcoming members to tailoring fitness goals, personalise every aspect. Make sure to call members by their name, but also be aware of more introverted members as they may prefer not to be called on. A personalised approach fosters member engagement and accelerates goal achievement.


5. Showcase Your Brand

Let your brand personality shine through your live streams and on-demand content. Highlight your studio's unique vibe and values. Whether it’s inclusivity or fun, make it evident in all your online fitness endeavours.


Enhanced Live Streaming and On-Demand Content with bsport

At bsport, we equip you with a comprehensive toolkit for crafting a robust digital fitness experience, whether it’s through Live Streaming your classes via our seamless Zoom integration or curating Video on Demand (VoD) content for flexible viewing by your members.


Live Streaming

bsport's Live Streaming functionality offers an exceptional opportunity to directly engage with your audience, particularly catering to busy individuals or those preferring home workouts. Our direct Zoom integration ensures your live stream unfolds within your app, simplifying member attendance and participation.


Video On Demand

Leveraging bsport for VoD content ensures seamless accessibility for your members. You have the flexibility to set up a paywall, enabling members to purchase classes for later use, or create complimentary videos to reward your loyal users.


Embracing live streaming and video on demand can propel your fitness studio into the digital forefront, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth. By connecting with a wider audience, fostering community engagement, and monetizing your digital presence, your studio can thrive in the evolving landscape of online fitness. Stay ahead of the curve, provide value, and watch your business soar to new heights in the virtual realm. Happy streaming!