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Communication strategies for engaging members during the reentry phase

As the days get longer and temperatures rise, it's already time for you to think about how to bring your clients back to their yoga mats or to a bootcamp class! But how can you prepare for the reentry phase and maintain member engagement during this period? Let's have a look at some astonishing solutions to enable a seamless transition for the reentry phase for your studio.


Give your customers that customized touch with Personalized Email 📧

Personalization has the power to reconnect with your audience. The reentry phase is the perfect time to send beautiful emails to your clientele, keeping them informed about updates, schedules, new classes, or even back-to-school promotions to maintain your connection! It's important to create an individual connection with each client by using their name and referring to their preferences, such as a class they enjoy. This shows them that you consider them as unique clients, increasing the chances that your email will be read.


Boost your brand's reach through the power of Social Media 📸

Social Media not only has the power to reach a larger audience but can also help develop your brand identity with visual brand elements and a consistent voice. So, tap into the power of Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to connect with your loyal customers and entice fresh ones. Use it creatively by sharing attractive content, engaging your followers with contests, quizzes, and facts. You can create engagement by sharing updates and class highlights on social media. Share client testimonials about your studio and their opinions. This way, you will attract a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts and create a buzz around social media.


Revamp Your Online Presence with engaging updates and promotions on the website 🖥

As you see Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts return from their holidays, your studio enters an exhilarating reentry phase. Seize this opportunity to give your website a much-needed upgrade. Offer irresistible subscriptions, exciting offers, and an up-to-date class schedule with price details and instructor profiles to be completely transparent with your audience. The offers can include referral points, discounted class packages, or access to new workshops. Seamlessly communicate your offers through emails and campaigns via social media platforms. Make sure your website is smooth for members to easily access and purchase passes and subscriptions hassle-free online.


Engage your customers' inner warrior through community events and challenges 🏞️

Working out together creates a lively community where passion flourishes, friendships deepen, and transcends the confines of the studio. Organize community events such as aerobics or Zumba, create challenges like a 30-day squat challenge or A-Z Fitness challenge, and engage in workshops like Acro Yoga exclusively after the reentry to help your clients reconnect with the studios and deepen their practice. Promote such events as opportunities to reconnect, re-energize, and deepen their practices after the summer comeback!


Keep in mind that good communication is a two-way street. Encourage your members to voice their thoughts, ask questions, and share their experiences. You can build a friendly environment that encourages member participation and loyalty by actively listening to and reacting to their needs.

Don't wait any longer to bring that unravelling change to your studios!