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How to adapt your pricing grid for the September back-to-school season: class packages or subscriptions?

The back-to-school season is approaching quickly, and it's time to prepare your studio to welcome a flow of new students getting ready to get back in shape. This particular period offers an opportunity to update your pricing grid to better align with the new needs and expectations of your clients while maintaining profitability. But how can you create an attractive offer for your clients? In the boutique fitness industry, two popular systems are class packages and subscriptions. Let's explore the advantages of both options and how you can evolve them to grow your business.


Embrace flexibility with class packages


Offering class packages allows clients to purchase a set of number of sessions in advance. With this approach, your members are free to choose the quantity of classes they want to attend and adjust it according to their practice frequency. For newcomers, it provides a reassuring way to start at your studio as it allows for short term commitment.


Make the most of your September to evaluate your current class packages and evolve them. Here are our recommendations in 5 steps:


🔎Analyze your current offering: Monitor the performance of each of your class packages and analyze customer feedback. If you find that a certain package is less popular than others, consider adjusting its price or composition.


➕Diversify the options: Based on the previous analysis, you'll have a better understanding of your customers' needs, allowing you to create offers that better suit their preferences. For example, you can create packages for beginners, advanced students, or categorize them by class theme.


💰Implement progressive pricing: Consider this option to encourage your members to purchase more classes at once, thereby boosting engagement and loyalty.


😍Offer additional benefits: To increase attractiveness, include privileges in your packages such as free sessions, discounts on other services at your studio, or a gift.


🗣️Clearly communicate all your offers: Utilize social media advertising to give visibility to your new offers.


Class packages are an excellent way to make your activities eventful and engage people who are not yet familiar with your studio but are willing to try new things in new environments.


Reward commitment with subscriptions


Subscriptions foster for engagement. Encouraging this type of commitment is beneficial for your studio as it stabilizes your accounting, attendance, and fosters customer loyalty. Let's explore how you can enhance your subscription options for September:


🪄 Diversify your selection of subscriptions: To cater to your clients' diverse needs, offer different subscription plans. Provide unlimited subscriptions for those who wish to attend as many classes as possible each month, limited subscriptions for a specific number of classes per week, or subscriptions focused on particular disciplines. This allows you to target different customer profiles and attract a broader audience.


🎫 Offer trial periods: To encourage new clients to subscribe, provide reduced or free trial periods for a certain duration. This will enable your clients to test your classes and experience the benefits of your studio before committing to a longer-term subscription.


💌 Include exclusive benefits: To make subscriptions even more appealing, offer additional perks to your clients. This may include access to special classes or events reserved for subscribers, discounts on extra products or services, or personalized coaching sessions. Exclusive benefits enhance the perceived value of the subscription and incentivize clients to commit for the long term.


🔦Clearly communicate all the benefits of each subscription plan: Don't hesitate to share the new prices and their advantages with your members via social media or your September newsletter.


For September, be proactive in your communications and offer a few free sessions. It's a time when people are looking to re-engage in activities, so guide them to your studio as best as you can.


Updating your pricing grid for the September back-to-school season is a crucial period. Both class packages and subscriptions offer unique advantages, and the best approach will depend on your target clientele and business objectives. By considering your clients' preferences, profitability, and other key factors, you'll be able to propose an attractive pricing offer that meets your clients' needs while supporting the success of your studio. Prepare now for a fruitful and motivating back-to-school season!