bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio
bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio





How To Reduce 10+ Hours of Admin with bsport

Operating a boutique fitness studio comes with its unique challenges, but with the right tools, managing your studio can be seamless and efficient.


Meet bsport, the best software solution for your studio, designed with experienced studio owners to simplify every aspect of your studio’s operations. From booking and payments to marketing and staff management, bsport offers a comprehensive solution under one roof.


Let’s delve into how you can harness the power of bsport to elevate your studio’s efficiency and profitability, while providing your members with an unbeatable experience, every time.


1. Premium Client Experience: Create Your Own Custom Branded App 📱

Do you want to provide the best experience for your clients? Look no further as bsport provides you with a fully white label branded app. For you, this allows ultimate customisation, aligning every feature with your brand essence. This deep personalisation fosters brand loyalty and trust amongst members, as you solidify your unique identity. Your members, on the other hand, relish a user-friendly interface designed exclusively for them, ensuring effortless class bookings and personalised interactions. This level of customisation not only elevates member satisfaction but also forges lasting connections, making fitness not just a routine, but a personalised, immersive journey.


2. 360-Degree Marketing: Targeted Campaigns Made Easy 📊

We’ve all been there as studio owners - low numbers booking into a class, leaving you with 2 options: cancel your class, resulting in frustrated members and teachers losing a class or; go ahead with a small class and struggle to break even with revenue

Now, with bsport’s game-changing 360 Marketing feature, you can boost class bookings by over 50%. Craft smart lists based on your member preferences and behaviours, and target these lists effortlessly using our drag-and-drop email templates. bsport’s 360 Marketing allows you to reach the right customer at the right time, maximising class size!


3. Drip Campaigns: Retain, Re-engage, and Reacquire ♻️

Drip campaigns are the secret sauce to customer retention and engagement. With bsport, create tailored drip campaigns targeting members at different stages of their membership journey. bsport’s customisation tool gives you complete control over filters to target loyal, sporadic or even lapsed customers. This allows you to provide your customers with the best experience as they receive targeted communications with their favourite classes and the best offers suited to their preferences.


4. Streamlining Staff Management: Effortless Scheduling and Payments 🧑‍🏫

Are you spending too much time on teacher payroll and scheduling? With bsport, managing your teachers and trainers has never been simpler!


Use our flexible payment system to ensure teachers are paid the right amount every time, whatever the agreement. Avoid mistakes that can leave your teachers unsatisfied, creating an improved work environment which in turn leads to the best experience for your clients.


Never cancel a class due to unavailable teachers again with our sub teacher tool. Always be prepared and in the event of an emergency for a teacher where they can no longer take a class, there is already a replacement lined up.


Save time on admin and provide the best experience for teachers and members!


5. Maximising Revenue: Smart Class Pass Bundles and Point of Sale 💰

Increase your studio’s revenue with bsport’s intelligent features. Push recommended class pass bundles to maximise value for both your studio and your members. Additionally, bsport’s Point of Sale (POS) tool allows your members to purchase merchandise products such as yoga mats or coffee seamlessly. Discover how bsport’s revenue-boosting capabilities can take your boutique fitness studio to new heights.


6. Enforcing Studio Policies: No-Show Penalties and Custom Filters 🚨

Ensure accountability and fairness in your studio with bsport’s customizable policies. Penalise no-shows effectively using custom filters. For instance, if a member cancels a class less than 1 hour before its start, they automatically lose their class credit. Learn how bsport empowers you to set and enforce policies that maintain the integrity of your studio while providing a seamless experience for your members.


7. Empowering Members with Spot Booking: Personalised Experiences for Every Class 🚲

In the world of boutique fitness, personalization is key. With bsport’s Spot Booking feature, studio members gain the freedom to choose their favourite spot in the class. Whether it’s a specific bike for spinning enthusiasts or a serene corner for yoga practitioners, bsport allows members to select their preferred area when booking a class. Provide the best possible experience for members every time they step into your studio with this level of customisation. This level of customisation ensures the best possible overall experience for members every time they step into your studio. By catering to individual preferences, your studio becomes a place where every member feels valued, creating a community that keeps coming back for more.


8. Multi-Location and Franchise Management: All of your Locations on One Platform 🏛️

As your studio grows, it shouldn’t become more difficult to navigate your gym management platform. Our multi-location management tool allows you to manage all of your studios under one roof!


Ensure consistent branding throughout all of your locations with our global settings which seamlessly integrate across all of your studios. Additionally, enable managers of each location to edit features specific to their studio such as timetables, teachers and much more. This tool simplifies multi-studio management ensuring each location is aligned with the brand, while maintaining localised excellence.


9. Video on Demand: Easy Access to Video Content for your Members 📽️

Introducing our Video on Demand (VOD) Tool, transforming studios' engagement strategies. This tool enables studios to create diverse pre-recorded content, from full classes to exercise demos. Studios can increase revenue by selling these videos online, or offering exclusive access to this content to members, adding another reason to join their studio.


In conclusion, bsport is not just a software; it’s your studio’s trusted partner in success. By utilising its robust features, you can streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and boost revenue effectively. Embrace the power of bsport and witness your boutique fitness studio thrive in the competitive fitness industry. Ready to take your boutique fitness studio to the next level? Explore the possibilities with bsport today!