How to Stay Active During the Festive Season

The festive period is a time for celebration, joy, and often indulgence. While it’s important to wind down and enjoy your time with friends and family, you can also maintain your fitness routine to stay healthy and energised during this time.

You don’t have to miss out on fun events or stray from delicious food, so in this article you will discover effective strategies and tips to keep active amidst the festivities.


Embrace Festive Workouts

Embracing the holiday spirit through themed workouts offers an excellent opportunity to make fitness more enjoyable and engaging. Many studios will offer festive workouts so be sure to check out their timetables and sign up early! For instance, the "12 Days of Fitness" workout can be structured as a series of exercises that align with each verse of the classic holiday song. This is a fun take on 12 Days of Christmas where each day is replaced by an exercise and a new exercise is added for each day in the song! In this example, you start with 1 Clean and Jerk, followed by 2 Lateral Burpees and 1 Clean and Jerk, and so on.

Similarly, events such as "Santa Sprint" and “Reindeer Run”workout might involve group running or high-intensity exercises like sprinting, lunges, and kettlebell swings designed to mimic activities associated with Santa Claus, such as dashing between chimneys or carrying a sack of presents.

By incorporating these themed workouts, individuals can infuse a festive spirit into their exercise regimen, making it more enjoyable and motivational during the holiday season. These creative approaches not only add variety to workouts but also encourage adherence to fitness routines by making them more entertaining and appealing to participants.


Plan Ahead for Fitness

During the bustling holiday season, managing workouts amidst packed schedules becomes crucial. Setting realistic fitness goals can alleviate the pressure while ensuring continued progress. Opt for shorter yet effective workouts, like HIIT sessions or bodyweight circuits, to accommodate busy days. Mini-workouts, such as a 10-minute morning routine or a brisk walk during lunch breaks, can be invaluable.

These brief yet impactful exercises not only maintain physical activity levels but also contribute to energy and mood enhancement amid the holiday rush. Flexibility in scheduling workouts and setting achievable goals ensures a balanced approach to fitness, allowing individuals to stay committed without feeling overwhelmed by their seasonal commitments.

Even something as simple as catching up with a friend or family member with a crisp walk in the park will help keep active, promoting the many health benefits and boosting your mood.

It’s important to stay motivated to ensure you keep active over the holiday season. You can challenge a friend or family member to some friendly competition to get some daily exercise. Many fitness trackers now offer a feature to compete with friends and see their activity which can give you the boost you need to get a workout in! Check out our blog about fitness trackers to learn more about whether or not they might help you.


Engage in Active Celebrations

Transforming social gatherings into active and fitness-focused events can infuse energy and fun into the festivities. Consider organising group activities like a friendly game of soccer or volleyball at a family reunion or arranging a holiday-themed scavenger hunt that involves physical challenges. Encouraging dance-offs or setting up a mini-obstacle course can also engage everyone in movement.

Engaging in activities that promote movement not only fosters bonding but also makes for memorable experiences. Whether it's organising a nature walk with friends, playing active charades, or even a yoga session before a celebratory dinner, these activities encourage participation while keeping everyone active and involved in a delightful way.


Utilise Outdoor Spaces

Utilising seasonal settings for workouts offers diverse opportunities for staying active. Embrace snowy landscapes by trying winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, transforming the snowy outdoors into a playful workout arena.

For colder climates or limited indoor spaces, consider indoor workouts like HIIT routines, yoga sessions, or dance workouts to maintain fitness levels. Additionally, festive locations like holiday markets or light displays can be ideal for brisk walks or jogs, combining enjoyment of the surroundings with physical activity.

Making the most of these locations involves being creative—such as using park benches for step-ups or incorporating bodyweight exercises while exploring festive sights—to ensure an active and enjoyable holiday experience. Many areas have weekly social runs such as Park runs which are open to the public to maintain their fitness.


Mindfulness and Relaxation

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, nurturing mindfulness is crucial. Incorporating practices like yoga, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises into daily routines can counter stress and promote relaxation.

For instance, dedicating a few minutes each day to mindful breathing exercises or a short yoga session can bring calmness and mental clarity. Recognizing the significance of rest and recovery in this hectic period is equally vital. There are multiple apps that help you to meditate such as Headspace or Calm.

Prioritise adequate sleep, allowing the body time to recharge and rejuvenate, thereby supporting overall well-being amidst the holiday rush. While it may not be necessary for everybody to track their sleep, it can be a good idea to use trackers such as Sleep Cycle just to see that you are getting the right amount of sleep each night and help maintain a sleep schedule.


Maintaining an active lifestyle during the festive season is key to both physical and mental well-being. By incorporating these strategies into your holiday routine, you can enjoy the celebrations while staying healthy and energised.

While many people wait until January to get started on their fitness routine, you can get a head start by using your time wisely over the festive season. But don’t forget that this is a time to enjoy the company of your loved ones!