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Job Interview of Heloise, UX/UI Designer

Heloise, UX/UI Designer, shares her experience and responsibilities at bsport. As the link between the tech and product teams, and the design eye of bsport, Heloise shares her daily life with us today 🚀


What made you want to join bsport?


What initially attracted me to bsport before joining was its fast-growing and dynamic nature as a young start-up company. I was specifically seeking a role in UX/UI design, which led me to apply for a position here.Hel The interview process was very smooth and the conversation was an interesting exchange between me and Sofian, our CTO, discussing the projects that were very new and challenging.

Upon joining the company in April 2022, I faced an exciting challenge as there was no designer onboard at that time. It not only allowed me to grow throughout my internship and work study program but pushed me to self train myself and take on the responsibilities quickly 🤩


What is your role and how is the Sales team organised?


My role as a UX/UI designer is to create mockups for the new features introduced in the company, improving the designs for continuous enhancements and maintaining the Design system. My role also includes working on the back office, marketplace and the application. This brings in a lot of diversity as each of these products has its own components and identity.

The designing team works closely with the product team, where they give us a description about the product, about how it should function and I come up with ideas on how it should look. We are also collaborating with the tech team. As once our team creates the designs, they are then passed onto the technical department for implementation and development of the functionalities.


Describe your typical day at work?


My responsibilities include providing the designs on time for each sprint kickoff every two weeks before the development begins. I prioritize my tasks after the quarterly roadmap is developed by the product team. This typically starts with creating wireframes based on the preliminary specifications provided by the product owners to get a general idea of the functionalities, then, the technical team provides us with some feedback on any technical constraints.

The final work is done by our team, the Product team, by creating detailed mockups based on the final specifications provided by the product owners. Once the designs are completed, the technical team then starts with the development based on the specifications and the designs 🎨


What do you enjoy the most about your position?


What I love the most about my role as an UX/UI designer at bsport is the diversity of topics I encounter. Given the size and the complexity of the product, the expected level of rigor in my work is highly rewarding. The challenge lies in blending creativity, logic and precision to maintain coherence and address all used cases. I am therefore constantly driven to give my best and push my limits to deliver innovative and effective solutions.

What I also appreciate is the opportunity to work with the product and the technical teams. The interactions make it essential to understand the needs and constraints of each stakeholder, ultimately leading to the creation of an optimal user experience. Collaborating closely with both these teams allows me to gain insights on a lot of topics and ensure that our designs align with the overall product vision.


And about bsport in general?


What I really love about bsport, beyond the aspects related to my role as an UX/UI designer, is the atmosphere within the product and technical teams. From the moment I joined, I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and friendliness that characterizes our work environment. This atmosphere fosters a strong team spirit, where everyone feels supported and encouraged to give their best.

On a bsport-wide scale, it is a dynamic and young company, which creates a highly stimulating atmosphere on a daily basis. Regular after-work events also provide an opportunity to connect with new people in a relaxed and casual ambiance.


What challenge are you most looking forward to taking on next?


My next challenge at bsport is to grow our team and find the best possible way to work with the arrival of new talents. We are in a phase of expansion, and it is essential to onboard new members to meet the growing needs of our company. I am excited about the prospect of working with new talented individuals and creating a work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

Furthermore, one of my future challenges is to have more time to focus on user-centered design. As an UX/UI designer, understanding the needs and expectations of our users is crucial for creating an exceptional user experience. By having more dedicated time for research, user testing, and iterating our designs, we will be able to refine our products and services to better meet the needs of our users.


In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to work in your team?


Certainly, creativity is a fundamental quality. As an UX/UI designer, we are constantly faced with complex problems and need to find innovative and original solutions. Furthermore, it is important to be open to debate and exchange. Our team operates collaboratively, where ideas are shared and discussed. It is essential to be able to work as a team, listen to the perspectives of others, and contribute constructively to discussions.

Additionally, I believe that rigor and precision are indispensable qualities, especially for developers who need to understand and implement the designs accurately. Consistency and accuracy in the mockups and specifications are crucial to ensure a high-quality final product.


Why would you recommend future candidates to join?


It's a growing startup where we are constantly on the move, engaged in exciting new projects. Joining our team means being immersed in a dynamic environment where each day presents an opportunity to tackle new challenges and develop new skills.

Since our team is still small, there is a real chance to make a direct impact and contribute to our success. We value everyone's initiative and ideas, fostering a culture of collaboration and idea-sharing. Moreover, the work atmosphere at bsport is simply fantastic!