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How to generate leads for your business


The growth of your studio is a crucial objective, although there are many ways to promote growth, acquiring new clients is one of the ways you can achieve this. It is all about reaching out and attracting individuals that can recognize the perceived value of your offering. The higher your client base is, the more potential to bring in a higher revenue and expand your business.

Here are 7 examples of lead generation tools and tactics that you can use:

1. Word of mouth from current customer

Who better to promote your company than one of your own customers? This form of lead generation is probably the cheapest you will find as recommendations come at no price and it is 5 times more effective than paid promotions! People are 90% more likely to trust a recommended brand even if that recommendation is from a stranger, this marketing is essentially triggered by the experience that customers have had at your studio (Semrush, 2022). This can help promote trust and brand loyalty as well, by building a community, this encourages longer-term relationships with customers and potential customers too. You can focus your costs on other areas of the business as this is a free type of marketing.

2. Feedback from current customers

Interacting with your current customer base by getting their reviews and listening to them and getting their feedback on your product or service offerings can be of major benefit to the studio. This can allow you to improve your quality and even save money as you can cut unnecessary services and experiences. This can be done by either talking to customers personally which could offer potential relationship strengthening or you could even ask them to fill out a survey. Your studio can then gather insights into how your products/services are being received and can even encourage more word-of-mouth marketing as the better your quality and customer relationship, the more likely they are to talk about it with those around them.

3. Build a social media presence

We are in a digital age where social media might just be the strongest tool any company can have. Here there are a few things that studios can do to gain leads. One is building a strong social media presence, letting people know who you are by posting periodic content can increase your chances of visibility to potential customers. These posts can include customer appreciation, small teasers of classes you offer or even sales that are ongoing. Another popular strategy is involving influencers in your industry, influencers often have a strong following of people who trust their word and could be potential perfect fits for your company. You can reach large audiences with this strategy at a small price.

4. Email marketing

This tool is widely used in many industries, however, this approach harbors mixed reactions. This is often used to nurture one-time buyers or even past customers as you have all their details in the system. You can attract potential buyers with various campaigns that may appeal to them specifically, such as discounted passes or even action information. Encourage them to take action and make their next purchase at your studio, and the best part about it all is that you can send out mass personalized emails to everyone.

5. Influencer marketing

Using influencers within your industry can be a very effective strategy to reach large audiences of your target market. The trick to reaching your specific target market is just finding the right influencer, this could be a local that is well known in your areas such as a studio teacher, a pro-athlete, or even a local public figure, anyone with a following of some sort is an ideal candidate. Influencer marketing has become a big craze as their audiences trust their opinion as they are able to test out the products/services and give an honest reviews to their audience. Ask for endorsements from influencers/celebrities, their relationship with their audience is based on trust and their feedback and opinion on your product will be taken into consideration when potential customers are making future purchase decisions. This may come at a cost depending on your agreement with the influencer but it does not have to be a huge influencer, just someone with a following and sway in the industry, smaller audiences are often way more engaged than larger. Offer discounts and deals with the Influencer and their followers to encourage engagement.

The aim of the game is to attract potential customers to boost your revenue and grow your studio to unbelievable heights. By using one or many of these strategies you can truly improve your lead generation strategy and put your studio out there!