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Why you should try Hyrox in 2024

Hyrox is a fitness competition that combines endurance running with functional strength training exercises. It is designed for participants of all fitness levels and involves a series of workout stations interspersed with running segments. Each event follows a standard format, making it a unique challenge for competitors to measure their fitness levels. Hyrox events are gaining popularity due to their inclusive nature and the comprehensive test of both endurance and strength they offer. For more detailed information, you can visit Hyrox's official website.


The History of Hyrox

Hyrox was founded in Hamburg, Germany with the vision of creating a fitness race that was accessible to everyone, not just elite athletes. The founders wanted to develop a competition where people of all fitness levels could measure their physical fitness against a set standard, rather than just against other competitors. This inclusivity is a key part of Hyrox's ethos.


The competition started in 2017, and since then, it has expanded rapidly, attracting a wide range of participants from fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes. The uniform structure of the events, irrespective of location, ensures a consistent challenge for participants worldwide.


Who is Hyrox for?

Hyrox was created for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are looking for a unique and challenging fitness competition. It's designed to accommodate participants of various fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals who want to test their physical abilities and compete in a fun and competitive environment. Taking part in Hyrox workouts is a great way to improve your fitness and with some dedication you can begin taking part in more advanced classes.


What does a Hyrox event include?

A Hyrox event is a unique fitness competition that includes a combination of running and functional exercises. Participants go through a series of workout stations, each focusing on different aspects of strength and endurance. These stations are interspersed with running segments, adding an endurance challenge to the strength exercises. The event is structured in a way that allows participants of various fitness levels to compete on a standardised course, making it a comprehensive test of overall fitness.

Each Hyrox event follows a consistent format comprising eight rounds. These rounds involve a 1km run and a distinct functional exercise. The exercises include activities such as:

  • SkiErg: A SkiErg workout is a type of exercise routine that involves using a fitness machine called a SkiErg. The SkiErg is designed to simulate the upper-body motion of cross-country skiing. It typically consists of a vertical column with two handles attached to cords or straps.

  • Sandbag lunges: Sandbag lunges are a type of exercise that combines lunges with the use of a sandbag or weighted bag for added resistance. Lunges are a lower-body strength and stability exercise that primarily target the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

  • Sled push/pulls: Sled push and sled pull exercises are effective strength and conditioning movements commonly used in fitness and sports training. They involve pushing or pulling a weighted sled across a surface, such as a track, gym floor, or turf. These exercises provide an excellent full-body workout and are often used to improve strength, power, speed, and overall conditioning.

  • Wall balls: Wall balls are a functional fitness exercise that combines elements of strength, power, and cardiovascular conditioning. They involve throwing a weighted medicine ball at a wall repeatedly.

  • Burpee broad jumps: Burpee broad jumps are a combination exercise that blends a burpee with a broad jump. Begin with a burpee, then explode into a broad jump instead of standing up, covering a horizontal distance with each jump. This exercise builds strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness.

  • Farmer’s walks: Farmer’s walks involve walking while carrying heavy weights in each hand, typically using kettlebells or dumbbells. This exercise targets grip strength, forearms, and overall body stability, making it a full-body workout.

  • Rowing: A rowing machine workout is a low-impact, full-body exercise that simulates rowing on water. It engages muscles in the legs, back, arms, and core, providing an efficient cardiovascular workout while improving strength and endurance.

This combination of cardio and strength tasks is what sets the Hyrox challenge apart. You can keep up to date with upcoming Hyrox events in your area here.


How to Prepare for a Hyrox Event


Training for a Hyrox event typically involves a combination of endurance and strength training. You should focus on improving your running endurance, as the event involves multiple 1km running intervals. Additionally, training for the specific functional exercises featured in Hyrox, such as the exercises mentioned above - sled pushes and pulls, rowing, and sandbag lunges, is crucial.

Incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be beneficial for building the necessary stamina and strength. It's important to have a balanced training program that enhances both your cardio fitness and muscular strength.

With the rapid rise in popularity of Hyrox, many gyms now offer classes focused on these workouts, including Psycle London.



Nutrition is just as important, if not even more important than your training for a Hyrox event. Of course, the key is to build up your stamina to get through the competition, but nutrition is the key for optimal performance on competition day. This involves consuming the right quantity and right type of nutrients. You need to consume the correct balance of carbs, fats and proteins - this will vary depending on many factors including age, gender, fitness level and much more so be sure to speak to a nutritionist before adhering to a new diet.

Benefits of Hyrox

Participating in Hyrox events offers multiple benefits. It enhances overall fitness by combining endurance and strength training, promoting both cardiovascular health and muscle development. The event's standardised format allows participants to track and compare their fitness progress over time. Additionally, Hyrox fosters a sense of community among participants, encouraging a supportive and motivational environment. This blend of physical challenge and community spirit makes Hyrox a unique and rewarding experience for fitness enthusiasts.


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