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11 yoga trends to add to your studio for the reentry!

Yoga practice has become more vital than ever as the world gradually moves towards being fit and healthy. It brings people peace, strength and balance. As we make the re-enter this year, the world of yoga is ready to welcome its members for rejuvenated energy! As a yoga studio owner or an instructor, you have a chance to reinvent and revitalise by introducing new trends that correspond with your practitioners' evolving demands. It is important to follow such trends to be on the cutting-edge of the yoga business. In this article, we'll take a look at eleven unique yoga trends that can rejuvenate your studio in time for its reopening.


Adapt to the changing circumstances: Offer hybrid classes 💻

There are several reasons why you should consider offering hybrid classes to your members. Hybrid classes will allow a lot of flexibility and convenience to your members and your instructors. A mass number of practitioners have moved their preferences to virtual classes. Offering classes virtually and on-site can help retain already existing clients and attract new ones who prefer to practise in both ways. People from different cities, states or even countries will have an opportunity to enrol to your classes increasing revenue streams for the studio. The studio will get international recognition and bring in brand awareness. People from all across the world will have access to the platform, giving them an opportunity to practise when and where they want.


Yoga for mental health: A better wellbeing ☮️

If you want to catch up on the latest trend, consider offering yoga sessions for anxiety and depression management and for overall mental wellbeing. It is one of the powerful and easily accessible approaches to treating the growing mental health challenges these days. These practices will incorporate physical movement, mindfulness, stress reduction and emotional balance to the overall wellbeing. Including mental health focused yoga classes will not only bring a larger audience, but also contribute to the development of better and more knowledgeable instructors.


Aerial Yoga: The mind and body interaction ❤️‍

Aerial yoga is a practice which combines general physical postures and use of silk fabrics that are hung from above, the fabrics are helpful for balance as the practitioners perform aerial arts. It is a unique blend of yoga and acrobatics which fosters mind and body integration, and attracts a diverse group of yoga practitioners. Including Aerial yoga for the re-entry can drive interest, aid in studio recovery, create a buzz and set an appeal to new markets. The practice promotes mental well-being by relieving stress and contributes towards physical fitness, enhancing flexibility, strength and balance through gravity defying poses.


Yoga for kids: Nurturing young yogi souls 🧘‍♂️

A yoga studio should include yoga for kids for the re-entry plan as offering kids yoga can draw a much larger audience tapping into the new demographic of parents looking for health and wellness activities for their children. This can also help the studio create long term devoted customers by establishing a pleasant early experience with yoga. Furthermore, including such a service can help the studio expand its services, increase revenue sources and improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of young practitioners and their families. This will also help kids learn to work together, communicate and support one another, improving their social skills and navigate through different situations.


Harmonise the soul: Embrace Sounds baths and Vibrational healing 🩹

Including sound baths and vibrational healing for the yoga studio´s reentry can be a great opportunity to offer benefits to the already existing and the new client base. It is a practice that involves an experience where you are immersed in deep sound vibrations which also includes using therapeutic singing bowls placed on the body to create tones and vibrations. Sound baths can help the practitioners enter a meditative state to feel calm and relaxed. It encourages deeper spiritual connections that are a renewal to mental health and emotional discharge.


Surrender to Yoga Nidra: Experience balance and clarity ✌️

For various reasons, it is considerable for a yoga studio to include Yoga Nidra to its reintegration strategy. Yoga Nidra, commonly known as the yogic sleep, is a calming practice that promotes relaxation while lowering stress and boosting mental well being. It is also suitable for a wide spectrum of people including a beginner and those with physical difficulties and improves sleep quality. This way the studio can help promote creativity, attention and productivity and create a balance and clarity in the lives of its practitioners.


Let others get inspired: Start the journey of yoga teacher training ☁️

Yoga teacher training is a great way to aid during the reentry process. As the majority of the people are moving towards fitness, they are in a lookout for support and expert guidance on their yoga practices. It can help the studio by nurturing talented instructors, making sure that the teachers are well-equipped to the latest teaching methods. The reentry phase may also attract new students who are eager to explore yoga for the first time. It can also empower the existing instructors with advanced knowledge and teaching skills enabling them to deliver high quality classes.


Break the boundaries: An adventure with yoga challenges 📈

Including Yoga challenges for the reentry phase can be fun after a summer gap. The yoga studios can reignite enthusiasm among the already existing students and attract new prospects. The fusion of Yoga with Pilates or HIIT or cross training are some of the challenges and fusions to consider for the reentry. This may also appeal to a larger range of fitness enthusiasts. This fusion will help the studio to cater to different interests and fitness levels, expanding the reach of the studio.


Embrace and nurture two souls: Yoga for pregnant women 🤰

Pregnant women seek a safe and supportive environment to maintain good physical and mental health. Offering specialised classes for women who are pregnant can help promote inclusivity. Prenatal yoga also provides several benefits during pregnancy, such as reducing discomfort, enhancing flexibility and strength. Including this in the reentry phase can attract a new client base, who may have not considered yoga as a part of their wellness routine. Moreover, it will also showcase the studios dedication to holistic wellbeing and nurturing the health of both mother and baby, positioning the studio as a socially responsible place.


Work Life balance: Yoga for workplace wellness 🧘

The corporate community deserves yoga wellness classes as many employees might be seeking that balance between work and life. It is a great opportunity for the yoga studios to enter a new market and attract corporate clients during the re-entry period. Workplace yoga can contribute to increased productivity and improved employee morale being engaged and creating an efficient workforce. This way the studio can also position itself as a fast forward and a versatile establishment.


Beyond asanas: Yoga retreats to recharge the souls 🕊️

Yoga retreats provide an opportunity for the students to reconnect with other members in the studio and create a sense of community. This experience is also about a break from a daily routine allowing the studio members to recharge and rejuvenate mentally, physically and emotionally. Incorporating yoga retreats can enhance the studios revenue potential and offer a comprehensive approach towards personal growth of its members. This way, the studios can also create a unique and unforgettable experience for its members which will lead to brand loyalty and positive word of mouth.


Concluding, changing needs and staying up-to-date on the yoga trends can offer your studio a new and revitalised character for the reentry season. The studio will move up towards development and overall wellbeing by adapting to your evolving students. At this time, your studio can become a refuge for the mind, body and soul through the latest trends in the industry.