bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio
bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio





bsport vs Glofox: How Do You Choose?

In the dynamic world of studio management, choosing the right software platform is crucial for the success of your studio. While many options exist, bsport stands out as a superior choice over Glofox. From providing deeply personalised experiences for your members, to automating your admin tasks - bsport will help you elevate your member satisfaction.


In this article, we'll explore the key advantages that make us a more suitable option for boutique studios looking to grow and thrive.


1. Comprehensive Customization

“It’s well-organised, and very easy to create and modify classes, as well as make changes to the schedule or teacher’s name.” - Bloom Studio

At bsport, we recognize the unique nature of every business.

Our platform's extensive customization options empower you to fine-tune features from membership plans to booking interfaces, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand identity and operational needs. This adaptability is crucial for enhancing client experience, streamlining workflows, and differentiating your studio in a competitive market.

At a glance, our easy-to-use platform includes:


A white label branded app

  • Elevate the member experience at your fitness studio by offering a personalised and seamless digital interface. The app, branded exclusively for your studio, provides members with instant access to essential features such as class schedules and booking options.. Members can easily manage their journey from their fingertips, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. This level of personalised interaction not only fosters a stronger community feel but also encourages consistent engagement, ultimately leading to improved member retention and a more vibrant studio atmosphere.


Highly customisable dynamic booking

  • bsport's dynamic booking feature, with its high customization capabilities, transforms client engagement by offering a flexible and intuitive booking system tailored to each individual's preferences. This advanced feature streamlines operational processes, leading to a substantial reduction in administrative tasks. Its adaptability in managing appointments caters to a wide range of client requirements, thereby enhancing the efficiency of booking and rescheduling. This not only simplifies the administrative workflow but also fosters increased client engagement and loyalty, as clients appreciate the ease and personalization of the service. The result is a more efficient, client-focused experience that minimises the time and effort spent on manual administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus more on delivering exceptional services.


Smart marketing tools

  • Our suite of in-house marketing tools features two standout options that are highly favoured by our partners: the innovative "360 Marketing" and the strategically effective "Drip Campaigns." The 360 Marketing tool offers a comprehensive approach, ensuring that your marketing efforts are cohesive and impactful across all channels. This holistic strategy amplifies your brand's presence and connects with customers more effectively. On the other hand, our Drip Campaigns tool allows for precision-targeted communication, ensuring that your message reaches the right prospects at the most opportune moments. This tool is designed to engage your audience through timely and relevant content, nurturing leads and driving conversions.


We provide a platform for you to grow your studio by accessing a highly customisable back office. With a balance of your creative flair and our flexible platform, you can build a loyal member base. Take a more detailed look at how you can customise your member’s experience here.


2. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Data is at the heart of every business. We have made it our goal to provide you with a clear view of the numbers that are key to the success of your business. Our easy-to-navigate analytics and reporting capabilities offer comprehensive insights into your studio's performance metrics. Our analytics and reporting tools allow you to track a range of metrics, such as:

Class attendance

Tracking class attendance is crucial as it provides insights into member engagement and class popularity, enabling tailored program adjustments and improved resource allocation to meet client needs.

Member cancellations

Tracking member cancellations is vital for identifying patterns and underlying reasons for churn, enabling targeted strategies to enhance retention and refine the overall member experience.

Client behaviour

Monitoring client behaviour is essential to understand preferences and trends, allowing for personalised services and strategic adjustments to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty.

Retention rates

Tracking retention rates is key to assessing the long-term success of your business, providing insights into customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of your engagement and loyalty strategies.


These are just some of the KPIs you can track with bsport! We empower you to harness data for strategic growth and development, ensuring your decisions are always grounded in solid, actionable information.


3. In-House Marketing Tools

This leads us into our in-house marketing tools, developed entirely by our in-house tech team, and stand out for their seamless functionality without the need for external integrations. Linked to our analytics and reports it allows you to reach the right target at the right time.

Our smart marketing tools empower your business with comprehensive, automated outreach strategies:

360 Marketing

Take advantage of our 360 Degree Marketing tool which allows you to create smart lists and target individuals in these lists with customised messaging. You can then track the success of your marketing efforts with our analytics tool.

Drip Campaigns

We also offer Drip Campaigns, allowing you to attract, re-engage and re-acquire your members with compelling offers for various stages of the customer’s journey.

Tag Management

With our Tag Management feature, you can categorise members with custom tags. This allows you to select specific groups to provide member benefits, share special promo codes, and more.

Custom Forms

Create surveys and polls for your members to gain a deeper understanding of their pain points. Use the results of these forms to tailor your offering and keep your members coming back for more!


These unique features underscore our commitment to offering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution without the need to rely on external integrations and is built with studios in mind. You can learn more about the benefits of in house tools over third party integrations here.


4. Superior Customer Support

“We know that the customer service and development teams care about what is happening, we are a partner, not a number” - The Reformery

We pride ourselves on our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. Whether it's a technical issue or a brand new feature request, our team is always ready to assist, ensuring maximum productivity and optimal use of the platform. We have dedicated support teams, based in Europe, that speak the language of each of our markets, enabling us to maintain clear communication with our partners. At bsport, you have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will be there to support you every step of the way. In addition, our CSAT score of over 91% proves that you are in good hands with our team.


5. Exceptional Integration and Migration Support

At bsport, we recognize the importance of a connected digital ecosystem. Our platform not only offers seamless integration with your studio, but we also take the lead in managing migrations. This ensures a smooth transition to our platform and continuous enhancement of functionality, keeping your business at the forefront of technology.

We have successfully managed migrations for studios of all sizes, from single, small locations to expansive networks with 20+ locations across various regions. We focus on providing an outstanding experience not just for you, but also for your members, ensuring every migration includes all of the key data and information necessary to maximise your member experience.


6. Transparent, Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure stands out for its clarity, ensuring no hidden costs. We emphasise providing exceptional value, pairing our full suite of features and functionalities with competitively low Stripe fees. This approach guarantees that you benefit from both cost-effectiveness and high-quality service, maximising your investment in our platform.


7. Automated Teacher Payroll

We know that keeping track of all of your teachers activities and pre-arranged agreements can lead to errors when processing payment. The result of this is frustrated teachers and your studio potentially losing teachers resulting in disappointed members! Avoid this snowball effect with bsport’s Automated Teacher Payroll feature. This allows you to set customisable parameters including based on number of classes taught per week, number of class attendees and much more. You can set your teacher’s base rate and configure any bonus you want to include at the click of a button. Learn more about our Automated Teacher Payroll tool here!


8. Multi-Location and Franchise Management

Our platform simplifies the complexities of managing multiple locations and franchises. We offer centralised control while allowing for local customization, ensuring consistency in brand standards across all sites. Our Master Account feature allows you to create standardised branding throughout every location, while managing bookings and class schedules all from one location. With bsport, you can access an overview of performance metrics and operational insights for each location, facilitating effective decision-making and ensuring uniform excellence in member experience across your entire network.


Choosing the right studio management platform can significantly impact your business's growth and client satisfaction. bsport, with our emphasis on customization, user-friendliness, advanced analytics, superior customer support, seamless integration, and competitive pricing, stands out as a superior choice over Glofox. Experience the bsport difference and take your studio to new heights. So go ahead, book a demo today to learn more about our amazing features.