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bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio





How Audience will Maximise Your Studio’s Revenue

In today's fitness industry, creating meaningful connections with members, capturing their attention, and forging personal relationships are more challenging than ever. Amidst a sea of options, bsport introduces its latest feature, Audience, as a revolutionary solution to these challenges. Audience is designed to help your studio cut through the noise, offering personalised engagement strategies that resonate deeply with each member. This innovative tool is set to transform the way you communicate, enabling you to build stronger, more meaningful connections and, ultimately, significantly enhance your studio's revenue.


What is Audience and how will it empower your studio’s growth?

Revolutionising Marketing with Audience

bsport is at the forefront of innovation, introducing Audience—a tool designed to revolutionise the way boutique studios interact with their members. This dynamic solution enables you to create personalised workflows to track and influence customer journeys, ensuring that every interaction is strategic and impactful.


With Audience, disorganised campaigns are a thing of the past. This tool allows you to unlock the full potential of your business by converting leads effortlessly, retaining members seamlessly, and experiencing unprecedented growth through intuitive automated marketing actions. Maximising your growth is simple - just create your custom workflow through bsport’s Back Office and watch as our innovative solution automatically tags suitable members and watch as they are guided through the workflow.


Empowering Member Re-engagement

Audience is not just a tool; it's a strategy to revitalise your community and enhance connection. It enables comprehensive member profiles and dynamic workflows, integrating real-time customer interactions across all bsport digital tools, this includes smartlists, tag management, email marketing to name a few! This approach goes beyond mere data collection; it unlocks the true potential of every member connection, optimising communications with inactive members to rekindle their enthusiasm for your studio.

Revitalising unengaged leads has never been easier. Whether you want them to purchase their next pass or sign up for their next class, you can target members with personalised messaging to entice them back to your studio.


Let’s look at the following example: You have created an “Unengaged Leads” workflow which includes members who have purchased a pass but haven’t booked a class within 5 days of purchase. Lauren has purchased a pass and automatically receives a email. Once 5 days have elapsed without Lauren purchasing a pass, she is entered into your workflow “Unengaged Leads”. Now, she will be sent custom communications that you have created, such as emails, personalised offers and push notifications until she books her class and successfully exits the workflow.


Transforming Member Retention

Member retention is crucial for sustained growth, and Audience transforms this challenge into an opportunity. By ensuring that new members feel welcomed and valued from their first visit, Audience fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty. Its automated multi-channel sequences supercharge your growth ambitions, engaging your audience across to keep your studio top-of-mind.


Gone are the days of losing your members after their first session. With Audience, you can automatically encourage feedback from members after their session and segment your members based on their favourite activites. Whether they have checked the details of your new spinning class or cancelled their next HIIT class, Audience allows you to remind them why they wanted to book with you in the first place!


Leveraging In-House Data

At the heart of Audience's power is bsport's 100% in-house data solution. This strategic advantage is interwoven with bsport's features, creating a symphony of tools designed for exponential growth. The interconnectedness of these tools amplifies your impact, offering a holistic approach to data utilisation that propels your studio toward success.

Audience empowers you to attract and retain the highest amount of clients with its smartlists and tagging options, allowing you to track every step of your members’ journey. You now now have access to every engagement your members have on your platforms through our centralised reporting system.


Streamlining Lead Management

Audience redefines lead management by enabling real-time, efficient collection and follow-up with contacts. Say goodbye to generic messages and embrace a 100% personalised approach that ensures your brand remains memorable. This strategic alignment with each member's unique path leads to more conversions and fosters a loyal community.


View all of your leads in bsport’s Back Office and analyse drop off points to ensure your campaigns are performing optimally. Test various subject lines and offers and use our dashboards to unveil your best performing marketing campaigns.

To gain a deeper understanding of how Audience can boost member engagement and elevate your studio, check out our video!



Audience by bsport is more than just a feature; it's a comprehensive solution that promises to elevate your boutique fitness studio to new heights. By focusing on personalised interactions, member retention, and strategic data use, Audience positions your studio not just to survive in the competitive fitness market but to thrive. So are you ready to embrace Audience? Speak with one of our experts to learn more!