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How to use Audience for your Studio

You may have heard about Audience by bsport lately and there’s a reason we can’t stop talking about it! Audience is a revolutionary feature allowing you to automate all aspects of lead management, targeted outreach and guiding members towards your predetermined conversion goals. To learn more, please read our latest blog where we discuss the value our innovative feature will bring to your studio.


Today, we are not going to discuss its amazing benefits for your studio, but instead we will provide you with some ingenious examples of how you can implement Audience within your business. Whether you want to boost your sign-ups, enhance member loyalty or maximise your member feedback, Audience covers it all! So read on for some inspiration on how you can use Audience.


How does Audience work?

Let's dive into some practical examples of how Audience can be leveraged to enhance your studio's operations and member experience.


Workflow #1: Nurturing New Members with Purchase of a Pass

Imagine a new member purchases a pass but hasn't booked any classes. With Audience, this scenario becomes an opportunity for engagement, not a missed connection. These members are tagged and added to a smart list, triggering a workflow with two potential paths: if they book a session within 10 days, they exit the workflow; if not, they receive a personalised email encouraging them to book a particular session. This approach ensures that new members feel supported from the start, increasing the likelihood of their active participation.


Workflow #2: Enhancing Loyalty Through a Rewards System

Loyalty is the cornerstone of any successful fitness studio, and Audience can automate a rewards system to foster this. After a member attends their 10th session, they're congratulated and offered a choice of rewards, such as a personal training session, an invite for a friend, or priority booking. This reward system continues at milestones, increasing loyalty and engagement without extra effort from your team.


Workflow #3: Personalized Follow-Up for Class Feedback

Feedback is invaluable, and Audience makes collecting it seamless. After a member tries a new class, they're sent a form to rate their experience. Based on their rating, they receive tailored communication: dissatisfied members are asked for detailed feedback via email, those who had a mediocre experience are offered a promo for another class, and satisfied members are encouraged to leave a positive review online. This workflow not only helps in improving your services but also enhances your online reputation, attracting new members.


Workflow #4: Managing No Shows Effectively

No shows can be challenging, but with Audience, they're an opportunity to encourage commitment. Members who don't show up for a booked class receive an email offering to waive the penalty if they book another class within 24 hours. This approach minimises cancellations and encourages members to recommit, streamlining your studio's operations and maintaining a positive experience for all members.


These workflows exemplify how bsport's Audience can transform the way your boutique fitness studio operates. By automating personalised engagement strategies, Audience not only saves time and resources but also significantly enhances member satisfaction and loyalty. Implementing these workflows means not just surviving in the competitive fitness industry but thriving, with a community of engaged and loyal members driving your studio's success.


Audience by bsport is more than just a feature; it's a comprehensive solution that promises to elevate your boutique fitness studio to new heights. By focusing on personalised interactions, member retention, and strategic data use, Audience positions your studio not just to survive in the competitive fitness market but to thrive. So are you ready to embrace Audience? Speak with one of our experts to learn more!