Why Our Partnership with Urban Sports Club Opens New Opportunities for Your Studio

Urban Sports Club is a network of thousands of partner venues that offers sports enthusiasts, multisport athletes, and businesses the most extensive and diverse sports and well-being offerings in Europe. With activities indoors, outdoors, live online classes, and on-demand video sessions, they consistently expand their offerings and partner network. In 2023, we signed their first partnership with an activity management platform. Let's explore together how this new integration will help you grow your revenue and evolve your business:


Increase Your Visibility and Reach a Wider Audience 👀

Benefit from a new channel to showcase your offerings and gain visibility within the Urban Sports Club community. Users are particularly keen on yoga sessions, pool classes, and bootcamp/crossfit sessions. On average, they try out two to three sports per month. This presents a genuine opportunity to reach a new audience. As an Urban Sport Club partner, you can take advantage of their marketing campaigns that highlight the activities of their partner studios.


Retain Control Over the Entire Reservation Process ✍️

We chose to give you the flexibility to customize your experience on the Urban Sports Club platform. You can easily add or remove one of your sessions using a toggle button. You can also adjust real-time availability and manage reservation levels to maximize your revenue.


Centralize All Reservation Information 🧑‍💻

With the connection of our APIs, you can easily manage your presence on Urban Sports Club. On your bsport platform, you can find all reservation data. If a member books through Urban Sports Club, it will be directly reflected in your reservation calendar. This also streamlines the collection of new customer data because when a client signs up for one of your sessions via Urban Sport Club, they automatically become a member of your studio. You can automate marketing to them and optimize their long-term engagement.


In conclusion, our partnership with Urban Sports Club opens exciting new perspectives for your studio. With a diverse sports offering and an engaged audience, this collaboration will allow you to reach a broader public, optimize your studio's visibility, and simplify reservation management. By seizing this opportunity, you can not only increase your revenue but also enhance member engagement, creating a loyal and dynamic community. Feel free to explore all the features offered by this integration and contact our team to make the most of this promising new collaboration.