bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio
bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio





Enhance Your Studio's Digital Offering With Bsport


With an ever-changing landscape in the fitness and wellness industry, you need more than just a booking platform to generate maximum revenue for your business. You need a platform that makes managing your studio as easy as possible while providing all the extra features you need to ensure it thrives.

Whether you're looking to retain your current clientele or take your studio to new heights, take advantage of our unique features that fit your ideal plan and help you achieve all your goals.

Auto Notifications

Automatically send customized notifications tailored to each client's scenario to keep your clients active by informing them that they have a limited number of classes left on their subscription or that their subscription has expired. Maximize your time and customer retention by automatically sending these notifications when a subscription is about to expire, encouraging the customer to extend their subscription rather than letting it expire. We allow you to include discounts, offers, and suggested alternative plans in these fully customizable drag-and-drop email notifications, allowing you to create the best possible strategy for retaining your customers and guiding them towards the type of purchase you want them to make. Whether it's your ideal price, the length of a package, or simply keeping them active, our automatic notifications and booking reminders are a unique way to manage your customers in a simple, efficient, and flexible way.

Customized forms

Stop wasting time creating forms and collecting documents with our integrated forms tool, which allows you to create the type of form you need, whether it's a comment sheet or a liability waiver. No longer will you need to scan documents to email, collect documents at the door, or lose track of who received and returned which sheet. Send these forms to clients in classes where they may be needed and have them filled out electronically. Make these forms mandatory at enrolment or delay filling them out by a certain number of hours to ensure a fast, high-converting enrolment process. Easily send your custom forms to one or more customers and store all your completed forms in one place.

Video on Demand

Maximize your studio's potential by implementing the best possible VOD service additionally to your in-person studio hours. By simply using pre-recorded content, studios have experienced massive success by generating another stream of money. Bsport offers you 3 ways to offer VOD to your customers, giving you multiple options to sell your product and allowing your customers maximum flexibility.

  • Offer individual videos and full-fledged playlists, allowing your customers to choose what suits them.
  • Sell monthly subscriptions: your customers receive all your videos on a subscription basis, giving you a Netflix-like video library for your studio.
  • Cross-sell your course subscriptions and memberships with your VOD. This allows you to upsell your >VOD when a customer purchases a subscription or membership, by offering them a video or playlist included with their purchase.

Widget integration

We place a premium on ease of use for you, the studio owner, but also for your clients. The easier it is to navigate your website, the easier it will be to convert prospects into business and retain them. Bsport focuses on a visually pleasing and efficient experience so that your clients can book a class or purchase a membership in the easiest and most streamlined way possible. Your studio's brand takes center stage, as everything is integrated into your website. Customers never have to go to a new tab or website to interact with your features. With well-designed widgets that integrate seamlessly with your website, visitors get a clean, comprehensive brand experience that inspires them before they even step foot in the studio.

Less clicks, more purchases

Automatically filter your schedules to fit each type of class you offer, whether it's a class type, level, teacher, location, or connection. This eliminates confusion and further reduces the number of clicks required to complete the booking and payment.

Increase your product sales with our unique customer funneling strategy. If you sell additional products, take full advantage of the option to display your products at checkout. This feature makes it easy to explore a new revenue stream for the studio. By implementing this funnel system, studios can offer consumers additional products at the last step of their journey in one streamlined process. Overall, customer clicks are minimized and their shopping cart is maximized.

Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel

We give you full control over how you track the activity on your website and use it to turn your website visitors into customers, allowing you to maximize the potential of your advertising spend. Because Bsport is one of the only platforms with this capability, the information gathered from clicks and visits to your website is used to specifically target these potential customers with your ads. This allows you to retarget potential new customers based on how they interact with your website. For example, consumers who click on products and add them to their cart without checking out can then be targeted with promotions in your ad campaigns. So the next time they scroll through Instagram or Google, they'll receive specific ads. This behavioral marketing gives you full editorial power over what type of prospect to target and how, directly accessible from our studio management office. Track every step of the way, from website views to booking clicks.

In summary

These features allow you to combine easy management of your business with creating maximum opportunities to attract and retain new customers. Everything you need is in one place, so you can meet all your customers' needs. This is what we believe a booking and management platform should provide, there is no reason you should accept anything less.