The future of the fitness industry


The fitness industry is becoming more and more digital, this is mainly due to the confinement that has democratized sports and fitness at home. The members want freedom and flexibility. So don't hesitate to set up a system of live classes via platforms like Zoom or even on demand classes via Youtube or other similar platforms.

The next big trend is Immersive Fitness that allows customers to be propelled into an unforgettable experience. By increasing the immersion effect of specialized rooms, projected videos, dynamic lights, smells, and music your members will have the impression of doing their yoga in the heart of India, a futuristic city, or something new altogether. It is a perfect synchronization between the senses that will separate you from other fitness or wellness options by catering to those who want an experience rather than just a workout they could do somewhere else.

The digitalization doesn't stop there! The trends we are monitoring include performance monitoring technology via equipment or wearables! You can track your clients’ performance and adapt their training with equipment showing all their results in real time.

But the future does not entail only digital experiences, you have to know how to stand out and offer fun and innovative activities for your customers, and for that what better than multi-sport courses? Have you ever heard of Piloxing classes? It's a class that mixes Pilates, boxing and dance. Don't be afraid to be creative if you or your students are experiencing burnout!

Enjoy the outdoors ! Offering your yoga classes outdoors will allow you to get visibility and therefore promote your studio. The spontaneity and the good mood of the class in the park will allow you to reinforce the links with your current community and thus improve the loyalty of your customers. Don't be afraid to take a walk in the park, go to the forest, visit the beach or climb up the mountains!

If your area allows it, incorporate meditation in your daily training. The recent pandemic has significantly impacted the morale of the population, thus more and more people have turned to meditation to combat stress. It only takes 10 minutes a day to improve the overall mental well being. It will reduce stress, improve concentration, strengthen the immune system and even reduce chronic pain! Your members will feel more relaxed and more inspired to return to the studio.

Nutrition is also on the rise in elite fitness communities. Certain sports communities are increasingly interested in combining sports and nutrition. Offering a service that helps members find a diet that fits their needs would be a real plus for your studio!

To facilitate the implementation of these trends we advise you to use a management platform that can manage more than just booking classes and taking reservations. A specialized platform can bring you the most advanced technological features to maximize the potential of your business. If you want to take advantage of a VOD service, online sessions, track client progression, and more, then don’t hesitate to consider us, bsport.

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