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How fitness studios can use online retail or check out upsells to help boost average basket size


As a studio owner, you want to increase sales. To do this, you need to reach as many people as possible with ads, campaigns, and offers.

These are all effective ways to grow your business, but another valuable option is to find ways to increase the basked size of each client purchase. Upselling is a sales strategy designed to convince customers to buy the same products, usually at a higher price, like buying a large drink instead of medium. Sellers who know how to use upsells to make their customers want to increase the value of their carts are on the best path to increasing conversions and sales.

Many upsells occur near the end of the checkout journey when the customer is ready to go through with the purchase, so it is important to have an intriguing and inciting checkout experience to make them want to add more.

Make product proposals to guide purchases

You know your clients better than anyone, so it makes sense to act as a guide during the purchasing process and you know what can add to their experience of their class. When a customer clicks on a class or certain membership, you can list similar items at the bottom of the item page like yoga mats, water bottles etc. Use the same ideas to attract customers to the products they want to buy, much like traditional stores use billboards and checkout lighting.

One tactical physical store used to attract customers is to make impulse purchases near higher-priced free products. This works because customers are looking for a particular product in a store, but if they find something that suits their interests, they are more likely to buy it.

Another way for increasing bag size would be to offer products that the customer can add alongside their class pass, like buying the yoga subscription you can list items like yoga mats, towels, water etc that the customer would be inclined to purchase as the items compliment the class.

Look at the value

When choosing to upsell and cross-sell products, avoid proposing products with a total order of more than 25%. If you are paying 100 dollars for a membership you are not likely to want to spend double that so place the items strategically. What you can do is when your customer gets to the checkout its good to prompt them into upgrading their current basket, like for example if they sign up for a monthly subscription of yoga classes, you can offer them that it is cheaper to buy a full year subscription as they save maybe 10-20% by doing so.

Continue the conversation using email marketing

Email marketing is an effective client retention tool that can provide valuable content, promote products and campaigns, and keep them up to date. You can retain and bring back customers by sending targeted newsletters and discounts in order to cross promote and sell different products and activities such as guest workshops, retreats and other services based on their previous purchases. You can also offer things like when they purchase seven classes they get the eight one for free, enticing them to continue on returning and purchasing.

Overall, placing products at the checkout adds value to your studio in the longrun, and having products precisely related to what they are originally buying also adds to the clients' experience and increases conversion probability. You just have to be wise about how you present the products and make sure they relate to drawing in the customer.