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bsport - The all-in-one solution for your boutique studio





Inspire Yoga - The Right Software for Your Studio


Ensuring that your studio software carries out all of the features and functions necessary to meet your requirements can be a challenge. Especially on top of juggling all of the responsibilities that come hand in hand with being a fitness entrepreneur or studio manager. A lot of the time, trying to find one software solution to meet all of your needs is unheard of, and the majority of people end up paying for several different platforms for each specific feature, or, they revert to adjusting their entire business model to fit the one software. Either way, both of those options do not seem like a sensible solution or a fair one!

Managing a studio comes with managing the entire back-end process that also keeps the studio running and excelling on a day-to-day basis. Features such as invoicing, reporting, class set up, tracking members, and generating leads can be difficult to manage over several platforms, let alone manually if your software doesn’t offer these features! We understand that investing in software is money upfront. However, we will show you how you’ll see profit over time, instead of wasting your money on several different platforms and software. In this article, take a look at specific features and examples of how Bsport has managed to perfectly pair and match software to fit in with our newest franchise partner, Inspire Yoga Dubai.

Inspire Yoga focuses on yoga, fitness, and helping its clients reach a balanced life. Situated in Dubai, the studio markets itself as an...



Before Bsport Solution, Inspire Yoga was utilizing several different platforms to manage their multiple studio locations. The studio was growing rapidly, and urgently required a software platform that supported them not only for studio management, but also for their growth, marketing, customer nurture, retention, and acquisition.

It’s easy for studios to attempt to manage the multiple functions of their business through several avenues, but Inspire Yoga had too many crossroads to manage their multiple locations, marketing, reporting needs, and management.

The founders realized that the only way the business could survive was to find software that integrated all of these features into one platform and one that could personalize and customize each specific attribute of the business.



Because Bsport goes above and beyond the customization and personalization for each of our partners, Inspire Yoga had the choice to decide whether they wanted a specific recurring setup for each of their locations or a customizable and unique framework for each separate studio.

With the Bsport platform, we offer the ability to have one master account to control each location of your business, and we also allow franchisees the opportunity for each franchisee to have their structure and style. With this master account, Inspire Yoga can now manage its locations more efficiently and effectively with control, flexibility, and integration over each location.

They even have the control to allow members’ passes to work at each location or limited and specific locations. Members can also filter what location they want to book into on the booking platform. Bsport brings ease and efficiency to make the process of growing your business as care-free and convenient as possible, as we have done for Inspire.


Automated and personalized marketing was an essential part of Inspire’s requirements whilst they were growing their business. With their multiple locations and growing clientele, it became more and more difficult to fit in time for the extensive marketing. Before Bsport, it was a huge task to undertake and was often pushed on the back burner as the founders had many more daily tasks to be dealing with.

Thankfully, the Bsport platform has personalized, integrated, and automated emailing tools. With these features, Inspire Yoga can easily target old clients, new clients, students, VIP members, and so on. This allows them to maintain that customer support and to build that personal relationships with their members from the get-go.

At Bsport, we set Inspire Yoga aside from their competition to make sure that all marketing and management were streamlined for the studio to fit exactly what THEY desired. We promise our partners that they shouldn’t have to adapt their studio to fit a software or lose any uniqueness of their image. Many of our partners, just like Inspire Yoga, have also opted for the fully white-label branded app experience to set them aside from competitors and focus on that boutique feel.


With Inspire Yoga’s many avenues of their business such as Yoga and Fitness, Wellness, and also Healing Remedies, these specifically tailored reporting needs were often overlooked, and consequently, many platforms often lack this feature.

Now with the help of Bsport, notes on member forms and sign-up health documents can be an essential part of Inspire Yoga’s business. Before, this feature was extremely messy and timely when it was not easily accessible through their software. Bsport offers a completely customizable experience with the ability to link answers to tags and notes to manage clientele more effectively. We integrate all forms and documents within the front-end and back office, so that it’s not only easily manageable for managers, but also extremely accessible and user-friendly for our partners’ studio members.


Inspire Yoga is as efficient, boutique, and streamlined as ever before. With the help from Bsport, Inspire Yoga has had the opportunity to focus on different aspects of the business that before, were overlooked.

If your software isn’t meeting all of your feature and functionality requirements, then don’t waste your time, energy, and money trying to find the solution! Book into one of Bsport’s demo calls to discuss with us exactly what it is that you need for your studio. Through our all-in-one, all-inclusive platform, we support all industries, avenues, and specialties of your business. We know that the mission to change software can be just as much of a frustrating process as the missing features of your current software provider. That’s why Bsport has made it as smooth and stress-free as possible, transferring and migrating all of your data within 48 hours. Book a demo with us today to find out more.