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Job Interview of Esther, Junior Content Manager EMEA

Esther, Junior Content Manager EMEA, shares her experience at bsport and her responsibilities in this interview. Join her as she discusses how every day in the Marketing department is a new challenge in the quest to make bsport a leader in its market!


What inspired you to join bsport?

I joined bsport for my final internship as a Junior Content Manager. During my interview with Joséphine, the Senior Content Manager, I realised that I could learn a lot in a challenging environment where the Marketing department was still in its early stages - Joséphine was the sole team member at that time. The idea of contributing to building a team, processes, and implementing innovative ideas was immediately appealing to me.


I was also drawn to the international aspect of bsport. We now have over 100 employees in Barcelona from various countries, creating a dynamic atmosphere. My internship was a rich experience, and when I was offered a full-time position, I accepted without hesitation. I wanted to continue learning, contribute to new projects, and witness the company and the department grow.


What is your role, and how is the Marketing team organised?

The Marketing team currently consists of 5 members:


  • Joséphine, Head of Marketing;
  • Gabriel, Growth Marketing Manager;
  • Kevin and I, Junior Content Managers for the UKI and EMEA markets;
  • Azzurra, Community Manager


Within the team, I am responsible for EMEA. I ensure that all content related to the French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish markets aligns with the brand and reflects our ambitions. We are also responsible for meeting the content needs of different teams, from preparing communication for a new feature with the product team to creating a new design for Sales material.


What are your responsibilities, and what does a typical day look like?

In my role, my main responsibility is to ensure that all external communications align with our values, ambitions, and brand image. I also ensure that each market I handle has suitable content to progress and achieve their goals. My days don't have a fixed routine, but I usually start with managing social media and then handle ongoing projects.

For example, I might organise our participation in a trade show, create a video highlighting our employees, prepare a prospecting flyer, or plan our next webinar. In a growing department, my responsibility is to design and implement all projects from A to Z while creating processes for improvement.


What do you enjoy most about your position?

What I love about my role is the opportunity to work with all teams. I can work with Léo, our Country Manager EMEA, as much as with Kevin, our Head of CSM, or the Design teams. Having a comprehensive view of everything happening in the company is very rewarding. Additionally, the wellness sector is incredibly inspiring for creating original and creative content.


And what about bsport in general?

The uniqueness of bsport, in my opinion, lies in its employees. On one hand, we are an international company with teams from many different countries, greatly enriching strategic discussions and creating a dynamic work environment with real cohesion. On the other hand, despite being a young team, we are united behind a single mission in a rapidly growing company. Yet, we are super independent in our projects - we truly own them from A to Z, which is very gratifying.


What challenge are you looking forward to next?

As a Junior Content Manager EMEA, my main challenge is to develop a strategy specific to each market: France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Italy. For each market, it's essential to formulate a tailored message based on its structure and how our company is perceived in the territory. More operationally, the current challenge in Marketing is to evolve our content and make it increasingly high-quality by trying new concepts to better address our audience.


In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to work in your team?

Working in Marketing requires the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. One must be adaptable and ready to continually learn new things. It also involves having a creative mindset as we constantly need to create to stand out from the competition. Finally, being sociable and not afraid to ask for help from other teams, whether for information or, for example, to participate in our videos.


Why would you recommend future candidates to join the company?

Because they will have the opportunity to work on various subjects with great autonomy and space to express their creativity! bsport is a company that evolves day by day, where all ideas are welcome.

So, if you enjoy facing challenges and want to be part of bsport's story, check out our latest job offers!