Job Interview of Mathias, Sales Development Representative Team Leader

Mathias shares his experience at bsport with us and describes the days he spends among us, focusing on developing new processes and managing teams.


What made you want to join bsport?

What initially attracted me to bsport was the fact that it was a pre-Series A SaaS company experiencing rapid growth. However, what really sealed the deal for me was my interview with Léo, our Country Manager. I immediately felt that bsport would be the ideal place to quickly accumulate knowledge and skills in a dynamic environment.


What is your role and the organisation of the Sales team?

I currently serve as the Team Leader for SDRs in the French and Benelux markets, as well as in the recently opened markets: Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany. The Sales Team is overseen by Arthur and is divided into two main divisions: the EMEA division led by Léo and the UKi division led by Mateo.


What are your responsibilities, and what does a typical day look like?

I am responsible for the ongoing training and development of my team. Therefore, I constantly work to keep them informed about industry trends, train and expand their product knowledge, and ensure they can pitch it effectively.

One of the primary missions of the SDR team is to maintain a constant flow of qualified prospects in the sales pipeline. My day involves developing strategies and tactics to effectively manage the supply across all of our markets. I am also responsible for enforcing and optimising our various processes, with the goal of continuously improving our supply vision and refining prospect qualification to ensure a high conversion rate.


What do you like most about your role?

First and foremost, I enjoy the work involved in improving our processes. We are becoming increasingly data-driven, and this requires a lot of new knowledge. It is fascinating to see how it directly impacts our work through increased sales every month.

What I particularly appreciate about my role here is the team creation and management. Building a high-performing team consisting of different profiles that ultimately complement each other is an enriching experience. Furthermore, it's incredibly rewarding to see each member of my team evolve and learn, preparing them to become talented sales professionals.


And at bsport in general?

What I love most about the company in general is its dynamism. The teams are young, international, and ambitious, creating a stimulating work environment. The atmosphere is very positive, and there is a strong sense of collaboration as everyone helps each other thrive and grow.


What is your future challenge?

My future challenge is to further optimise the team's operation so that I can devote more time to supply management, thus drastically increasing the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) signed each month. Implementing a strategy to maintain a constant flow of prospects that match our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in the sales pipeline involves expanding the team with new talents and helping talented individuals within the team grow.


What qualities do you think are necessary to work in your team?

Working within my team and contributing to collective success requires several essential qualities. Firstly, adopting the right mindset is fundamental, including a positive attitude, openness to change, and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Perseverance and resilience are also essential qualities for high performance.

Additionally, communication plays a vital role in our work dynamics . We value those who can actively listen and express their ideas clearly and constructively. Transparent communication strengthens team cohesion and leads to stronger results.

Finally, one of the key characteristics we look for is never being satisfied. We believe in continuous improvement. People who strive to push their own limits and the limits of the team are the ones who help maintain our performance at the highest level.


Why would you recommend future candidates to join bsport?

Every department is working towards the same goal: making bsport a leader in the European market. Joining bsport means entering a dynamic and inclusive environment where innovation and professional development are encouraged. If someone is looking to grow and learn in the fields of sales, customer service, or tech, I am convinced that bsport is the best school.