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Job Interview of Samuel, Account Executive UKI

Samuel, Account Executive UKI, shares his experience and responsibilities at bsport. With a constant learning environment and significant responsibilities, Samuel thrives in his team, where he interacts daily with studio owners in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


What made you want to join bsport?


What first drew me to bsport was that our profiles seemed to match. I had little experience in sales and was therefore looking for a company who would take me on and be willing to give me the necessary training. There were additional aspects which I found appealing such as the team being very international as well as energised and ambitious. Right from the first interview, I felt comfortable and at ease, whilst the work sounded highly exciting.


What is your role and how is the Sales team organised?


I am an Account Executive here at bsport. The Sales team is overseen by our Head of Sales. Then, it may be divided into multiple teams which are grouped by their different markets, mine being the UKI. Our team may be further divided in two, there are the Sales Development Representatives, who will book meetings for the other group, which is comprised of Account Executives, who take the meetings. Additionally, the SDRs are led by a manager and then the whole UKI team is overseen by a Country Manager.


What is your typical day?


A typical day for me will be to arrive at the office and check what meetings I have that day with potential clients. Next, I will reply to anyone who has emailed as well as doing general admin work as you have to stay organised. Leading up to a meeting, I will consult the notes left for by the SDR and perhaps discuss any further relevant information. Additionally, I will do some research on their website and social media, to not only gain a better understanding of their business but to bring up any information during our meeting that I think will be of importance. After a meeting, I will send them an email about what we discussed as well as potentially sending them a contract to read. Whilst this might be more of a typical day, the beauty of working in a start-up environment is that you get to have an active role in other areas of the business, ranging from helping translate sales material one day to attending and selling at health and wellness festivals the next.


What do you enjoy the most about your position?


One of the things that I enjoy most about my role is the responsibility and trust that they are given right from the start. Whilst there is a lot of guidance and advice, you can go about your day autonomously and carve your path. Secondly, I love speaking to people about their business. It is great to see how passionate people are and, as a result, it is all the more rewarding to be able to help solve their issues as well as explore new ways of running their studios.


And about bsport in general?


In terms of bsport more generally, I love the spirit of the company, everyone works hard and wants the best for each other. We are all in the same boat and working towards the same goal, hence, people are there with you to celebrate the highs and to help pick you up during the lows.


What challenge are you most looking forward to taking on next?


I just want to keep improving as an Account Executive, there is still so much to learn! Either you find this tiring or you get your energy from it. Every day can be different and you will be challenged in a new way.


In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to work in your team?


Many elements are important from communication to perseverance but I think being willing to learn is one of the key characteristics to work on the team. As long as you are open to keep improving, everyone around you will be willing to invest time and effort to help you get where you want to go.


Why would you recommend future candidates to join?


I would recommend someone to join bsport for many reasons. The fact that what we are selling is truly market leading and we can have a considerable impact on people's business and, therefore, lives, is what makes working here the most rewarding. Moreover, if you value a challenge, opportunities to learn, a company that values your work and is willing to invest in your self-development, then you and bsport will be a good fit!