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Post-covid, How to Engage Your Clients More


The last two years have put the fitness industry to the test by severely impacting numerous businesses across all industries. With no possibility to run their business properly, and being stuck between lockdowns and restrictions, the industry started to shift gym and studio owners to develop digital offerings.

A great challenge business owners are still facing is maintaining long-term customer relationships and brand loyalty. As an example, the demand for home fitness equipment has seen a complimentary increase in Video-On-Demand and live streaming which allows clients to shop around since they are not restricted by physical distances.

In this article, we’ll be listing some advice on how to prepare for the new year in style!

Engaging with clients during the pandemic

Consumers are driven by key events in the world more than ever. Focusing on the various obstacles the pandemic presents and listing safety among your core values will have a significant impact on how your customers view your business. By being authentic, accurate, and transparent in your communication you can exhibit the values you are representing. During the pandemic, one of the best ways to connect with potential customers is through their values. To establish trust with your clients, you have to turn your brand into a lifestyle.

Hygiene and sanitization measures are among the key elements that might be questioned by your members. Setting up a business plan by dividing your members into a group of people who are willing to attend in-person classes and those that prefer live streaming can help you prepare a schedule for the new year. Sending out online surveys with related questions might help prepare for the next year in terms of studio setup, and clarify what offerings need to take place online.

Your business goals should be supported by clear marketing objectives and efforts. Whether looking to increase client retention or raise client awareness, the fitness industry ( needs to innovate to gain a competitive edge. A consistent and strong marketing strategy connects your business to your customers.

For this, defining your audience is essential. By applying various metrics such as consumer behavior and psychographics, you’ll receive a clear understanding of your target audience. Engaging with them through online surveys tailoring it to their concerns and needs among introducing the offerings of the incentive scheme your business is running to address the effects of the pandemic and to comfort your members, will have an impact on your business, hence getting your consumers to commit easier.

Combining good timing with relevant messaging, your audience is more likely to be paying attention and responding to your communication.

Implementing digital assets

Standing out in a sea of noise is hard. Therefore, more than ever, social media is expected by customers. It’s a key part of success within the fitness industry. It’s where potential members will check to see if your culture and business are a good fit for them. Investing in your online presence will build your brand's reputation. Posting reviews, success stories, and valuable and useful content can all help you become a leader in your niche.

Videos are ideal for grabbing your audience's attention and attracting new members. Video content also helps to build trust with viewers and explain a topic in more detail. For instance, a video explaining your updated COVID-19 protocols is an effective yet simple way to offer reassurance to new and existing members.

Setting up strategic advertising on your socials

Help your customers get started and keep on with their at-home workouts by assisting them in defining their goals, curating workout space, choosing their equipment, and choosing their online class accordingly. Since a lot of people’s salaries have taken a hit during the pandemic, members might cancel their membership to save money and apply it to other areas of their life. Nevertheless, giving out free e-gift cards and discounts on items on your webshop would give the incentive your clients to consider your services. Start with creating a “Get started with us” video and send it to your customers to advertise your high-volume/low-price model.

As the holidays approach, for price-sensitive clients, try a freemium model. To make sure the incentive scheme is not only benefiting your members but your business too, connect it with a referral program to acquire new members to your studio for the New Year. Referral marketing is among the most powerful ways of attracting new clients and has a bigger probability of your members staying. You can reward your members with free classes, free monthly memberships, discounted memberships, and gift cards.

Start Weekly Challenges

Challenge your members with a “Mini Challenge.” Mini-Challenges are interactive, quick, fun, and highly engaging. Firstly, they get people posting online and keeping themselves healthy. These challenges also create a community outside of your studio, especially if you have a unique hashtag that people share to boost your challenge participants outside of your client community.

Success Stories

User-generated content builds trust between customers and brands. This type of content is authentic and adds credibility as it’s based on someone who has been using your services. Through success stories, you can show where someone started and where they are now. Your success stories must be very relatable.

A potential customer can then see themselves in that position. The marketing message is showing the customer that this is where you are now and this is where you can be by using these services. Success stories are crucial parts of increasing social proof and bringing in and engaging potential customers.


Leveraging technology after the pandemic can help maximize all revenue streams and mitigate income losses from COVID. Investing in the areas listed above will clarify a true path your business needs to take and help get prepared for the New Year. When implementing a digital engagement plan, it is crucial to have a software suite that monitors the progress and impact of your online presence. Your options are endless in terms of software choices, but it is easier to scale and discover patterns in a solution that can monitor and report on all these activities such as Bsport.