How to Manage Your Studio Post Covid-19


The Covid-19 Virus has disrupted life as we know it. For most it impacted their day-to-day routines however for many boutique and fitness studio owners it caused them to shut down their businesses with no certainty of reopening. Thankfully, in 2022 as restrictions began to ease up, boutique and fitness studios across the world got the green light to reopen. Before this revival, studio owners had to ensure that their students' safety would not be jeopardized.

Many studios implemented social distancing measures as well as cleanliness guidelines and procedures. However, despite implementing all of these measures it is also crucial for studio owners to consider the vaccination status of their students. This is especially important in countries where vaccine passports are required for general entry in most areas. That is why we made it a priority to create the covid pass feature available for all of their studios.

Bsport’s covid passes ultimately reduce the employee’s admin time by mitigating the need to check anyone who has a pass or not by automatically tagging users with and without covid passes, This saves staff members time by not having to individually check for passes at check-in and lets them focus more on other areas of the studio such as classes, etc.

Along with this, it creates a safer and more protected environment for all students as many are still wary of coming back to class. With reassurance through these covid passes, it can boost numbers of students attending classes hence increasing the revenue for the studio.

How should you manage covid passes at your studio? Is it even relevant now?

Studios have flexibility in how they choose to set up their covid pass monitoring. On one hand, many studios required students to inform them of their vaccination status when they initially sign up for the class. This can be managed by requesting students to fill out an initial customized form making members disclose if they have been vaccinated or not.

On the other hand, some studios have sent out customized forms where you can ask for the covid pass. Studios could also make it so members cannot sign in if they do not fill out these forms to eliminate an extra monitoring process

In the end, safety practices benefit both the students and studio owners by ensuring the well-being of everyone and increasing the number of students attending which ultimately increases the revenue of the studio. The fitness community, in general, should be aware now that anything is possible and should have planned contingencies not only for pandemics but for endemics as well. Flu season, common cold cycles, and other seasonal illnesses can be easily mitigated by offering more online classes, smaller class sizes, and hygiene practices such as hand sanitizer stations. These tactics show that you care for the health of your clients by making them feel as comfortable as possible in continuing their activities.