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The resources to keep improving your skills as a fitness professional

If you work in the fitness industry, it can be hard to manage your business and activity while taking the time to keep your knowledge and expertise updated. However, trends and best practices are quickly evolving, and it is crucial to stay on top of them if you want to continuously provide the best experience and the best value to your customers.


To do so, you can find many resources online, both free and paid, that will help you easily access all the information you need. Here we have gathered a shortlist of the best resources to stay on top of the latest trends and develop your skills as a professional in the fitness industry, based on your activity.



As a yoga professional, you have access to multiple resources online to keep an eye on industry trends, best practices, and newest evolutions in the world of yoga.


Yoga Organisations in the UK: Organisations like BWY or the Yoga Alliance provide a wealth of resources, industry trends, and networking opportunities. These platforms are invaluable for staying updated and fostering professional connections.


Yoga Magazines: Publications such as Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and Yoga Digest are treasure troves of the latest news, practices, and developments within the yoga community. Dive into these publications for insightful articles, expert opinions, and emerging trends.


YouTube Channels: While most YouTube content caters to beginners or intermediate enthusiasts, numerous professionals showcase their practices on their channels, offering inspiration and varied perspectives.


Online Training Programs: Seeking more comprehensive training? Online programs offering certifications are available. Discover reviews (such as this one or this one) of various yoga teacher training programs to identify the one aligning best with your aspirations and interests.


Specialised Yoga Events: Attend industry events like the Balance Festival in London to network with peers and witness cutting-edge innovations and practices in the yoga world firsthand. Engaging with other professionals can spark new ideas and foster collaborative growth.



If you are more focused on fitness than Yoga, you can also rely on different sources to gather knowledge and stay at the forefront of your practice.


Online Fitness Blogs: Platforms like train-fitness review and analyse industry topics and trends, offering insightful articles and comprehensive updates to keep you at the forefront of the fitness domain.


Fitness Books: Explore recent publications tailored for fitness professionals. Dive into thought-provoking books mentioned here on [Human Kinetics](( to gain fresh perspectives and enhance your understanding of your role.


Online Certifications: If you're a fitness professional or a personal trainer seeking certification, platforms like PTP feature some of the best online personal trainer certifications. These programs provide comprehensive training and accreditation opportunities.


Combat Sports

If you specialise in combat sports such as boxing, MMA or BJJ, we have put together a list of resources just for you!


Combat Sports Organizations: Combat sports enthusiasts can gain valuable insights by exploring websites like UFC Gym, a renowned organization that provides comprehensive resources, from training techniques to nutritional advice. Additionally, official Boxing Federation websites often offer in-depth analyses, news updates, and event schedules, keeping practitioners informed about the latest trends, competition insights, and regulatory changes within the realm of combat sports.


Martial Arts Magazines: Delve into the vast array of knowledge within magazines like Black Belt Magazine and Bloody Elbow. These publications go beyond simple tips, offering a plethora of resources. They include detailed articles on combat techniques, interviews with esteemed industry experts, historical perspectives, and analyses of various martial arts disciplines. They often showcase different fighting styles, training methodologies, and noteworthy figures in the martial arts world, serving as comprehensive resources for practitioners at every level.


Online Video Tutorials: Platforms like FightTips and Precision Striking on YouTube are treasure troves of tutorials and professional insights for combat sports enthusiasts. These channels offer comprehensive video guides, breaking down techniques, strategies, and training methods across different disciplines. From fundamental striking techniques to advanced grappling manoeuvres, these tutorials cater to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, enhancing their knowledge and skills in combat sports.



As a dance professional, there are also multiple resources online to keep an eye on industry trends, best practices, and newest evolutions in the world of yoga.


Dance Associations: Explore the websites of dance associations such as the International Dance Council (CID) and Dance UK. These organizations provide more than just information; they offer a wide range of resources, including workshops, seminars, and industry insights across various dance forms. CID, recognized by UNESCO, not only showcases global dance events but also provides access to cultural diversity, promoting international collaboration among dancers, educators, and choreographers. Dance UK, on the other hand, focuses on advocacy, professional development, and resources for dancers, offering workshops, forums, and trend analysis within the UK dance scene.


Dance Publications: Dive into comprehensive publications like Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit, which serve as hubs for the entire dance community. These magazines offer an extensive spectrum of content, from feature articles on emerging dance styles to interviews with renowned dancers and choreographers. They cover the latest trends, industry news, dance critiques, and advice columns. Moreover, these publications often spotlight dancers' stories, industry events, and artistic innovations, providing a holistic view of the dance world.


Online Dance Classes: Platforms like Steezy and CLI Studios are more than just repositories of online classes; they are thriving communities for dancers. They offer an array of classes across various dance styles, enabling professionals to not only learn but also engage with industry-leading choreographers. These platforms go beyond tutorials; they offer insights into dance techniques, industry trends, and artistic expression. Steezy and CLI Studios provide a collaborative space for dancers to refine their skills, learn new choreographies, and stay updated with the latest moves and styles in the dance industry.


By leveraging these specialized resources in yoga, fitness, combat sports, and dancing, you'll actively engage with industry trends, develop new skills, and broaden your expertise. Ensuring an elevated experience for your clients while staying at the forefront of your profession has never been more accessible. Dive into these resources to fortify your foundation and explore uncharted avenues within your industry.