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Job Interview of Marion, Account Manager

Marion shares her experience at bsport and describes the days she spends among us, focusing on working with clients to optimise their experience with bsport.


What made you join bsport?

I joined bsport in January last year, as I was looking for a new and challenging experience - a new job role in a new area. I was part of the onboarding team in my previous role and I've always been interested in Customer Success.

For me, the position of account manager was the next logical step in my career evolution. It was an interesting opportunity for me to keep the training aspect that I like, but also to develop a sales aspect that I didn't know I had.


What is your role and how is the CSM team organised?

I am an Account Manager for the French and English speaking market.

The CSM team is actually a really big team split in different services and different markets.


What are your responsibilities at bsport?

The idea is to onboard our customers and make them understand that they're in good hands to ensure that the transition to bsport goes smoothly. Once they are comfortable with the platform, of course, you continue to listen to their feedback and questions in order to satisfy their needs in the best way. These follow-ups are also good opportunities to identify potential upsells and raise their MRR. The idea is really to build a relationship of trust to have a win-win collaboration and build loyalty.

Today, I have more than a hundred clients to take care of and this is part of the challenge.


What do you enjoy the most about your position?

I feel this is a pretty challenging job. It’s been more than 9 months since I started working with bsport and I keep learning more and more everyday. There is always something to work on so I am never bored. It also requires a wide variety of tasks, which is a good thing to break the routine.

I am happy to have the opportunity to meet clients from all around the world. I am working in French and English and this is really something I enjoy.


What do you have to say about bsport in general?

I love the product I am working with, I continue to sell it to all of my clients for them to truly understand the qualitative tool they signed up for. The fact that I like the product and I believe in it makes the job way easier.

I feel close to my colleagues, we are all really supportive and this is also something really important to me. I feel we are a really good team, working in bsport wouldn’t be the same without this mutual help and the relationships we have built. I'm really happy with the CSM team management. They listen to ideas and projects, which is really encouraging to motivate the team. They are also really helpful regarding side projects. There is a real willingness to make them proud, which makes a real difference to day-to-day office life.


What is your future challenge?

I am trying to improve access to our knowledge base to make the product even easier to understand for our clients. I am pretty excited about the different elements we are currently setting up. It’s nice for me to be able to do some project management as well.


In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to work in your team?

ORGANISED! There are so many different things to do and a lot of ongoing topics, deadlines, processes etc. You can easily get lost if you’re not organised.

EMPATHETIC! Most of our clients are switching from a different way of working to bsport, it might be a bit uncomfortable for them and that’s normal. It’s our role to understand their fears and be able to reassure them.

PATIENT! Because you are dealing with different types of customers obviously!


Why would you recommend future candidates to join?

I am enjoying my experience in bsport so far, I have improved my English and I keep developing new skills and discovering the product everyday. bsport is a company which works really well and moves really quickly. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. I can only recommend people to give this company a try.